How to Disable Hiberfil.sys

The one thing that every computer use fights for with their computer is storage space. No matter how large a hard drive your computer has, they always seem to be running out of storage space, which is why they want to maximize the amount of free space their computer has to offer to them by clearing out any and all junk files stored on their hard drive. The average user wants to get rid of the largest unnecessary files first, which is what brings their attention to a certain hidden file in Disk Drive C that is stored under the name of “hiberfil.sys”. Hiberfil.sys is only visible if the Windows Explorer settings on a computer are set to display hidden files and folders or if you type “C:” into an open tab on an internet browser.


Hiberfil.sys is a system file designed to aid the hibernation mode feature. Everything stored on a computer’s RAM when it goes into hibernation is copied onto its hard drive in the form of the hiberfil.sys file. When the computer wakes up from hibernation, all the stored data can be accessed at light speed, allowing the computer to boot up almost instantly.

The size of the hiberfil.sys file, in most cases, is almost as much as the size of the computer’s Random Access Memory. The Hiberfil.sys file can definitely be deleted, but whether or not you should delete it depends on whether or not they plan on using their computer’s Hibernation feature. If you do not intend on using their computer’s Hibernation feature and wants to get rid of the hiberfil.sys file, all they need to do is turn the Hibernation feature on their computer off.

How to Turn Hibernation off on Windows XP

1. Go to Control Panel > Power Options or right click on the desktop, select Properties, go over to the Screensaver tab and click on Power.

2. Go on over to the Hibernation tab

3. Clear the check box beside the Enable hibernation option


4. As soon as Hibernation has been disabled on a computer running on Windows XP, the system deletes the hiberfil.sys file.

How to Turn Hibernation off on Windows Vista and Up

Use a Microsoft Fix It Tool:

To disable the Hibernation feature, download and use the Microsoft Enable Hibernation Fix It, and to enable the Hibernation feature, download and use the Microsoft Disable Hibernation Fix It.  As soon as a person uses the Microsoft Enable Hibernation Fix It, the hiberfil.sys file stored on their hard drive will be deleted.

Turn Hibernation off using a Windows Command Prompt

1. Open the Start Menu, type in cmd and press the Enter key.

2. To make sure the Command Prompt has administrator privileges, press and hold Ctrl + Shift and then press the Enter key

3. Type Powercfg -h off in the Command Prompt and press the Enter key, and the Hibernation feature will be turned off.


4. To turn the Hibernation feature on again, type Powercfg -h on into a Command Prompt with administrator privileges and press the Enter key.

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How to Disable Hiberfil.sys

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