How to Delete YouTube Videos History

When you visit the YouTube homepage while you are logged-in, you will see many sections on the homepage. Although the exact look of the YouTube homepage may change from time to time, many things remain the same. You will usually see a “Recommended” section at the top of the YouTube homepage; this section contains the videos that YouTube recommends based on your previous viewing patterns. Below this section, you will usually see a list of recommended channels for you, again, based on your past viewing patterns.

If you move to the end of the YouTube homepage, you will see the settings. They are language, country, restricted mode and history. Again, the exact items you see here may vary because YouTube may change the things from time to time.

An important item in these settings here is the “History”, denoted by an hourglass icon. Click the history icon to access your history. You will see a quite long list of videos you have watched in the past.


Although it is an interesting and useful feature, you may want to delete YouTube history, partially or completely, due to privacy concerns. Fortunately, YouTube gives you the full control over keeping or deleting your history items.

There are three ways you can control your YouTube history. Let us take a look at the all three.

Delete individual videos from your YouTube history: The list you see in the history contains a thumbnail at the left side followed by some details about the video. On the right side of the details, you will see a small button denoted with an “X”. If you click this “X” button, the item will be removed from your YouTube history.

Delete entire YouTube history: Above the list of history items, you will see a button marked with “Clear all watch history”. Just click this button to delete entire YouTube history from your account.

Pause watch history: If you want to keep the history, but want to pause your YouTube history for now, you can press the “Pause watch history” button. You can resume your YouTube watch history in future if you like.


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How to Delete YouTube Videos History

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