How to Delete Stubborn Windows Live Calendar Birthday Entries

Windows Live Calendar allows users to receive notifications when the birthday of a contact is nearing. Windows Live takes the personal details of contacts that have been entered on their email account or Facebook profile, and notifies Windows Live Calendar users. However, when a contact is deleted, some users may notice that they still receive updates and reminders about their birthdays.

Typically, a user would go to their Windows Live Calendar, find the birthday event that they wish to remove, and press ‘edit birthday details’, where they will be able to delete the entry entirely. In some cases, however, this is not possible and users will have to use another method.

In this guide, we’ll look at two solutions for removing a birthday entry that just won’t go away.

Method 1: Delete the Local Calendar

Deleting the Local Calendar entry on your Windows Live Mail account through Windows Explorer, and then updating your contact data can remove birthday notifications for those you have deleted. Here’s how you can do it.

Close Windows Live Mail. Then, hold the Windows Key and Press R. Type the following into the run dialog:

 and Click OK.

In this folder, you should see a list of email addresses of contacts that have entries in your calendar. Look for the entry in question, right click that entry and then click Delete.

Once the entry has been deleted from the source, open Windows Live Mail and sign in to Windows Live with your Live ID. In the ribbon bar, select the Home tab, click Send Receive and then press Update All.

Method 2: Reconfigure Your Windows Live Mail Account

Follow steps (here)

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How to Delete Stubborn Windows Live Calendar Birthday Entries

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