How to Create an Album on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the many popular social networking forums which people use not only to interact with one another, but also upload pictures. You can add picture albums with the following steps. And you can add unlimited pictures to your albums, while you also have the option of keeping the audience of that specific album limited to a set of people, or all your friends. You can even make albums at ‘Only Me’ settings to keep them safe on a network.

I usually used Facebook for keeping all my pictures secure in an album so that in case I lost them from my laptop, I knew where to retrieve them from. Follow the steps below to make an album on Facebook.

  1. Log in your Facebook account and stay on your wall and not your Newsfeed.
    Logging in leads you directly to the Newsfeed, you need to go on your wall. Click on your names icon which appears on top blue bar.
  2. On your wall, you will find a tab for ‘Photos’ which is right next to the tab for ‘Friends’. Note: There is an option for photo/video near your status bar as well. Don’t confuse that with this because if you choose ‘photo/video’, you will be putting it up as your status. While the option for ‘Photos’ is where you would find the option for ‘Create Album’.
    Locate this option for ‘Photo’. And click on ‘Photo’.
  3. Clicking on ‘Photos’ will bring you to this page where all your pictures that you have ever uploaded, or pictures that you were tagged in will show. Just how the picture below shows, click on ‘Create Album’ to create a new album.
    Your pool of pictures will appear on this screen. All the pictures you uploaded, pictures of you that your friends uploaded and tagged you.
  4. You will now be directed to a folder in your laptop. You need to locate the folder for the pictures you want to upload.
    ‘Create Album’ leads you to a dialogue box which will offer you to select the album or pictures that you want to upload on Facebook.
  5. Select the pictures you want to make an album of and click on Open.
    select the ones you want to upload and click on open to upload them on Facebook.
  6. As soon as you click ‘Open’, your pictures will start getting uploaded on Facebook.
    The selected pictures will be uploaded in highest resolution possible as offered by the website.
  7. While the pictures are uploading, or once the pictures have been uploaded, you can add the details on the left of your screen as shown in the picture below. The title of the picture, description, location, you can also tag your friends and family here. Facebook also gives you an option to change the dates of the pictures or make them upload in an order of date. You can add captions in the space provided under the picture you have uploaded.
    Add details for the album has highlighted in the picture.

    Filling in the details is not a compulsion. It is just a way of letting other people who will be viewing this album that what is the occasion and why did you upload this album. Tagging people in the album also inform the audience about who all are in the album.So it is totally up to you whether you want to fill in all the details, or keep it vague by just adding a title to the album

  8. Once you are done with all the details related to the picture, you can now click on post. But before that, you should also edit the audience for your album. Which in this picture has been set on ‘Friends’.
    Click on ‘Post’to finally complete your ‘Create Album’ process. The audience you choose determines whether your album will be visible to all,some or none.

You can make your album feature on your profile. You can also download your album now in the future from anywhere in the world from your Facebook account.You can add contributors to your album who have contributed to your album.

More options for you to format the album that you have already created.

You can add more picture to the album by clicking on the empty shape right next to the picture in the album. The empty box says ‘Add Photos/Videos’ with a plus sign. If you click on this, you can add more pictures from your phone or your laptop.

The option for Grid View and Feed View allows you to assemble your pictures in a Grid Form or a Feed view form.

Edit the pictures in the album through the edit button. The editing on Facebook is not like the one on Instagram. This one only allows you to change the placement of pictures or delete them or edit the caption. You cannot add effects.

If you want to delete your album, click on the ‘Edit’ tab and you will find an option for ‘delete album’ there.

Delete Your album

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