How to Create A Poll On Facebook?

A Poll is an online representation of a questionnaire when you want the advice of people for something that matters to you. This could be something as small as, ‘What should be my color for today?’ to ‘What is the best business logo for my clothing line?’. People use polls on their Facebook profile to get such an opinion and then evaluate the responses of everyone. It could even be a yes and no question poll.

Businesses also use the ‘polls’ feature on Facebook to keep their clients and their group members active so that they can provide their services to them to the fullest. A poll can be the best way to take feedback from the customers as it will help you improve your product and, your services .

It is easy to make a poll on Facebook. Follow the steps as mentioned below, and you are good to post your first poll question on Facebook.

First, I am going to show you how you can make a poll on your personal profile. And then we would be moving on to a public profile, group or page.

Creating a Poll for Personal Profile

  1. Sign in to Facebook. On your Newsfeed, you will see a space for ‘What’s On Your Mind?’ where Facebook users usually add their status. Click here.
    What’s On Your Mind?

Or, another way of going to the ‘Poll’ option is to click on the three dots (ellipses) which will then direct you to more options for writing a status.

Another way to access the option for making a poll.
  1. You will find the option to ‘polls’ here. As shown in the picture below. Click on ‘Polls’ to step ahead.
    Time to start
    Click the poll option
  2. Once you have clicked on ‘Polls’, the following window will appear.
    The details that need to be added
  3. The space where it says, ‘Write Something’, you will write down the question that you want to ask all the people on your list. The empty spaces for ‘option 1’ and ‘option 2’ is where you will add your choices of answer, which the people taking this quiz will select.
  4. When adding options, writing in ‘words’ isn’t the only way to give the interviewees a choice. You can add pictures, and GIFs related to your question as well. Check out the next picture, to understand this better.
    Filling the questions
    Adding Photos and GIFs as options
  5. This also gives you an option to time your poll so that you gather your results whether sooner or later. For instance, one week, one day, never and you can even customize the settings for how long you want the poll to be open for the people on your profile.
    Clicking the option which says ‘Custom’ where you can set a date and time for the poll. This is usually done when you need the answers as soon as possible, or need feedback because you have a time constraint.

    Setting a period for the poll
    Mention a date as well
  6. Once you have added the question to be asked, the options for the questions and the time for the poll to end, you can now select whether you want the poll to be posted as an open newsfeed to everyone on your list, or you want to customize the people who can view it.
    Selecting a list of viewers

    When you select the ‘Newsfeed’ option, right next to this, you will find the option for changing the audience for your poll. Friends, Public and Friends Except, are the options you can choose from.

    choose an audience for your poll

    ‘Friends Except’ can be selected when you want to customize the number of people who can answer your poll. This will be helpful for people who want to ask something which they don’t want other people on their Facebook to know about.

    save changes

    You can type down the names of the people you don’t want to see the poll in the space provided for ‘Search for a friend or list…’ and save the changes as shown in the picture above.

  7. And last but not the least, time to post your poll to the people on your list or the ones that you have selected now in the previous step.

Creating a Poll for Public Profile

Let’s say that I want to create a poll for my followers on my page. Just how I did it for my profile, I can apply the same steps on my page. The only difference between posting a poll on your profile, and posting a poll on your page/group is, that only the members of that group or page can answer the poll question. When making a poll on a public page, or a profile that is open to public, you cannot customize the number of people who can view it. Like how we could exclude friends from our list from viewing the poll, the same CANNOT be done for a Public Profile Poll or even the one for groups and pages, since these are open to everyone.

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How to Create A Poll On Facebook?

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