How To Create a Histogram on Excel?

We all have studies how histograms are helpful in summarizing a data that needs a graphical representation. And making histograms on the computer is now easier because of Microsoft Excel, which not only helps you manage data in a very organized manner, but also has amazing features like making histograms to help you give your work a graphical representation.

Here is how you can make a histogram on MS Excel. Follow the steps in order, and look at the added pictures which will guide you exactly where to find the icons and tabs which will help you in the process. But before you start making a histogram, you need to add data to an Excel sheet. Consider the following an example to help you understand better.

  1. Add the data
    I am a class teacher who needs to arrange her student’s grades and needs to make a histogram, to show how the students are doing.

    data entry

    Now it is not important that you need to have more than one thing that need to be represented on a histogram. It is up to you and the kind of data that you need a histogram for. So now I need to make a histogram that shows the graded total for each student. I can also make a histogram for each student separately or I can make one histogram for all students.

  2. Find the options ‘Insert’.
    You will find a tab for ‘Insert’ right on the top toolbar as shown in the picture below. Click on that.

    Locate ‘Insert’ on your Excel window.
  3. After you click on insert, you will find a new set of options right in front of you now. Tables,Illustrations, Charts and many more options to choose from. Right next to screenshots, you will find an options for ‘Column’ which is a part of the ‘Charts’ section of this page . Columns is what you will use to make a histogram for yourself using the data that you just entered.
    Insert, is used to add graphs and smart art to your excel sheet.
  4. When you click on ‘Column’, the one which is right next to screenshots’,these are the options that you will see.You can make a 2D graph, or 3D, you can choose from the carious options that MS Excel offers you. The different styles for making a histogram is just how you can be creative with your work. It will help you make your work more appealing.
  5. I chose the clustered column for my histogram. You can choose any of the options like literally.
    I used Clustered Column for my work. It is up to you how simple you want your work to look.
  6. Once I clicked on the clustered column, this is how a self-explanatory histogram will appear right on the screen. Showing all the data accurately as entered.
    You have added the histogram here. But if you want to change the design, layout or format, it is up to you.
  7. This histogram can be edited as you like. The options for editing a histogram that you created will appear right on top of your MS Excel window, it will be highlighted like this to make it more visible to the eye of the user.
    ‘Chart Tools’, are the editing tools for you to alter your graph the way you want it.
  8. The Design option for editing, will allow you to change the color scheme of your histogram. You can choose from a variety of colors.
    Design, helps you redesign your graph. Choose the one you think looks the best and would be appropriate for your audience.
  9. Layout gives you more options to add picture to you histogram or even edit the lines of your histogram just how I changed the grid lines as an example.
    Change the ‘Layout’ of your graph as well. You can do all the editing whenever you like. now or later.
  10. The last one for ‘Chart Tools’ which is used for editing a histogram on MS Excel, is, ‘Format’. You can format your histogram, change the borders color of your histogram, and even add color to the background of your histogram.
    Format, the last on the Chart tools to help you further.
    Formatting includes changing the colors of the background, the lines, borders and much more.
  11. You can always edit the histogram on the go. If you have already saved your file and need to make changes to the numbers, you will simply change the entries in the columns where the data was entered initially. This will automatically change the graph for that entry. And of course, you need to save it again.

I hope this helped you a lot in making your histogram just the way you wanted it to turn out. Tip: Add the data in a way that you can easily delete one column later if you don’t want, say ‘score test 2’, to show on your graph.

Habiba Rehman
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How To Create a Histogram on Excel?

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