How to Create a Database on Microsoft Excel

A database is basically a collection of all the data regarding a certain part of your life or your work that you can arrange or organize on a piece of paper or an Excel sheet in this case. There are a few tricks that can be used to enter data easily without wasting too much of your time. For numbering especially, or formulas where the columns below need to get a value according to the formula added in the first one, these tricks or ‘short-hands’ in a way, can help you immensely.

Microsoft Excel helps you keep all your data safe and sound, and helps you keep it in a way that is manageable for you or your team. Excel sheets  can take up to or even more than thousands of data. In addition to that, you can even add new worksheet to the same file to keep the data all in one place.

So let’s see how we can make a database on Microsoft Excel. Take an example of a school teacher who has to add the grades for each subject of all the 10 students in her class, and has to include important information like parents name, Enrollment number, date of birth, and scores.

Open Excel Sheet and start entering the data. The headings, for instance, Student Name, Student Enrollment Number, Parents Name, Date of Birth, Subjects, and Score.

Beginning with the Headings.

To add the numbers or student enrollment numbers at a fast speed, as they are numbers in a certain pattern, you should select the two cells which have numbers in it, bring your cursor to the end of the last cells corner ,the cursor will look like a plus sign when you bring it to the corner. Now click it and simply drag it down to your last row or column. Make sure that you add at least two figures for the first two rows. This will give the computer an idea that this is the pattern being followed.

Add data to the columns and rows which follow a certain pattern
Adding data to at least first two columns and rows
This what your screen would,look like when you drag the cursor down

This is how your excel sheet will now appear. You can repeat this for your student enrollment number as well. Since the data in other columns is not numerical, or formula centered, you cannot follow the same trick on the other cells.

A quick way of adding easy data
Adding the data inn.

You need to make sure that you don’t leave any empty spaces in between the rows. The rows are most commonly known as records, which is why it is highly important for you to make sure that the rows, in this examples case, are not left empty.

A row is called ‘record’ because this is where all the date regarding that specific person or thing is being added.

A column on the other hand is a field where the titles, the headings and the definition of what the ‘record’ represents are being added.

Now if you want to make the database to look more professional, you can create a table around it and make all the headings bold and centered to their respective cells.

Here is how you can create a table around it.

  1. Select the data that you want to be in a table form.
    select your data
  2. Go to Insert
    Locate ‘Insert’ on your excel page
  3. Click on Table
    Create the table
  4. This dialogue box will appear, if there is other data, besides the selected columns and rows on the spread sheet that you want to add in the table, you can simply change the numbers and alphabets that are for rows and columns.
    If you check the My Table has headers option, your headings will be made a part of your table.
  5. Clicking OK will make your spread sheet look like this now.
    Your table for all the data that you just entered.
  6. All the arrows in the first row, shows you options with which you can sort your date. You can arrange them in alphabetical order, you can select the specific students.
    Exploring the options. You can even select and deselect the checks to include or exclude that specific student from the table.

I just changed the alphabetical order here, and you can notice the arrow in the column 3 heading.

The downward arrow for each column will help you manage the data in those columns in a better way

This is not it. You can increase the size of your table to  add more fields by simply bringing the cursor to the right end corner, where your cursor will look like a two sided arrow, and drag the table outwards.

Space for more data within your table.

You can add more data here now.

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How to Create a Database on Microsoft Excel

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