How to Convert an Existing File to a PDF?

There are many people who find it very difficult to convert an already existing MS Word or MS Excel file into a PDF. And then there are also websites which people used to convert these files to a PDF format. You don’t really have to use a website to make a regular file a PDF because both, Excel and Word have an option to save the your work as a PDF within these applications. This definitely made my college life easier as I had to do much word to pdf work. Hopefully, this will help you too.

Here is what you need to do.

Open up any document that you want in a PDF format. I used this picture on MS Word.

Make a file.

Now I have not saved this document yet. So I can go to File which is in the left corner of your MS Word, click on it, click on ‘Save As’. When you click on save as, this how your saving option appears.

Change the name.

Name your document, or let it be Doc 1, and in the option below this one, which says ‘Word Document’, click on it.

Change ‘Save as type’

This will present you the options you have to save your documents in all the different formats. You can save them in all these forms. And here is where you would find the option for ‘PDF’.

Choose PDF
Click on PDF to select it

Click on PDF, and then click on Save to save the file in a PDF format.

Click on Save after selecting PDF

If you now go in your folders and locate the file, you will find it in a PDF format, like how it says PDF file under the heading of ‘type’, in front of my work ‘flower’.

Word file after saving it as PDF will be saved like this

Because I didn’t have Adobe in my laptop, the icon for my file shows internet explorers logo.Your icon for the PDF file might be different than mine depending on whether you have PDF in your system. It is totally okay if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader in your laptop, but it is suggested that you download it.

Now when I open my file, it will appear like this.

Your file in a PDF format will be like this.

You can follow the same steps for Excel.

Create a your work. Save it as an Excel sheet so that you don’t lose your original work.

Working on Microsoft Excel

Now when you have to make it a PDF file, click on file, then Save as.

File> Save As>

Change the name for your file, so that you don’t mix it up with the original one. Or add a number to it.

add the name for your file

Then, select PDF in the Save as Type and click on Save.

Select PDF for Save as Type and click Save

This will save your work as  a PDF file.You can now locate it in the documents or whatever location you have saved it in.

This is how your excel file. when saved as a PDF, will appear on your computer.

And this is how it will appear when you open the PDF file.

And when you open the PDF file that you just created, it will look something like this-

Some versions, mostly the older ones, don’t have PDF as an option in their ‘Save as type’ list. For those people, yo can either update your software and programs, or, if you don’t want to do this, you can access the following websites which might be very helpful for you in converting different files to PDF.

Whatever search engine that you use, type ‘ Word to PDF converter’ or ‘Excel to PDF converter’. Or, you can also just type ‘word to PDF’. Since I use Google, These are all the options that appear on my screen for converting files to PDF.

Searching for all the options the internet could get you.

Not all websites offer free converting services, so you might have to skim through a few websites and might find the best one which won’t cost you a penny.

This is how it will work on a website.

When you add your file, a word file for this website,the website will automatically convert your file into a PDF and will allow you to download it.

The website will show you the steps they are going through.

And will also inform you once your file is ready to get downloaded.

PDF is ready to get downloaded

You can click on the download button to have your PDF downloaded.You can even have it sent to your Dropbox or Google Drive. But then again, every website has different services to offer.

Instead of wasting your time on websites, I would suggest you update your current MS Word or MS Excel to convert your files to PDF without wasting much time

Habiba Rehman
Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.

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How to Convert an Existing File to a PDF?

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