How to Connect Your LinkedIn Account to Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s resident virtual assistant and Microsoft strives to make Cortana the most personal digital assistance medium out there. Since that is the case, Microsoft has been continuously adding new features and functionalities to Cortana, features and functionalities that allow the digital assistant to be more integrated into the user’s life and their everyday routines. As of the most recent update to Cortana, the virtual assistant has teamed up with the most professional social network on the World Wide Web – LinkedIn, to put an unparalleled personal touch to the average business meeting.

If you have been using the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar applications, you will already be familiar with the meeting reminders that Cortana sends out in order to remind the user of upcoming meetings and appointments. This partnership between Cortana and LinkedIn hopes to introduce a new depth to the information Cortana provides as part of each meeting reminder. Once you connect your LinkedIn account to Cortana, every meeting reminder you get from the personal assistant will include information pertaining to the people you are going to be meeting with, information such as their LinkedIn profile picture, the job role and employer they have provided on their LinkedIn profile and a link to their LinkedIn profile itself. You will also be able to connect to the people you are meeting with on LinkedIn directly from Cortana’s meeting reminder.

Making all of your meetings more personal with the Cortana and LinkedIn duo is pretty simple. First of all, you will need to add your LinkedIn account to the Connected Accounts in Cortana’s Notebook.


Once that is taken care of, the next time Cortana greets you with a meeting reminder, the reminder will also contain all available LinkedIn information about the people you will be meeting with, and all of this will be available from the meeting details area of the reminder.



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How to Connect Your LinkedIn Account to Cortana

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