How to Connect Windows 10 to a Bluetooth Speaker Automatically

Bluetooth is a wireless data transmission standard. It typically has a range of about 10 meters (30 feet), meaning it’s most suitable for home use. It’s very useful when it comes to wireless peripherals, but can also cause trouble when being set up for use.

Windows 10 can sometimes forget about a Bluetooth device or refuse to connect to it, leaving the user wasting time and energy finding a solution. To make Windows 10 automatically connect to a Bluetooth speaker, follow the steps below.

Method 1: Update Windows 10’s Bluetooth driver

Open the Start Menu. Search for “Device Manager”. Click View and click Show hidden icons. Expand the Bluetooth category in the Device Manager.


Right-click the Bluetooth Generic Adapter and click “Update Driver”.


After that, restart the computer.

Method 2: Reinstall Bluetooth drivers

Open the Programs & Features panel by typing “program” in the search box on desktop. Click Uninstall a program. In this list, find everything that is either has “Bluetooth” in its name or you use with a Bluetooth connection and uninstall it. Now, visit the Device Manager by clicking the Start button, opening the search box and typing in “Device Manager” and clicking the first result. Find all items related to Bluetooth and uninstall them from the list. Since Bluetooth isn’t essential for the functioning of Windows 10, there is no way to damage the system as long as only Bluetooth-related items are removed. Restart the computer and the Bluetooth drivers will be reinstalled.

Method 3: Install Bluetooth drivers for the device

Some devices can’t connect to Windows 10 because their drivers are outdated. For each Bluetooth device, find the name of the manufacturer, search for the website on the internet and download appropriate drivers, usually found in the Downloads section on the website.

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How to Connect Windows 10 to a Bluetooth Speaker Automatically

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