How to Confirm Windows License Key Has Not Been Used Before

Windows Key, or Windows Product Key, is of vital significance while installing any version of the Microsoft Operating System on your machine. It makes sure that your copy of Windows is genuine and you are not using a pirated version, which is obviously illegal. Users get a product key when they download or get a CD of any version of Windows. Once they install the operating system on their system, they have to make sure their system is not offline and then put in the product key. Microsoft checks the validity of the key and after this is done your operating system is labeled as an official copy that can legally be used.

Therefore, uniqueness of the product key is highly important. If you install a Windows with a product key that has already been used (read: activated), the operating system will degrade to Reduced Functionality Mode. Hence, many users wish to check their product key before they actually install the operating system. Further in this writing the solution to this is mentioned.


Contact Microsoft directly before installation

  1. From your smartphone or another system that is functional, open a web browser and open this link.
  2. Once you are here, choose Get Started and type “Speak to an agent” in the virtual chat.
  3. Then, provide the info requested by the VA and you will be through to a live person.

This way, users will not have to go through the whole process of installation just to check the key.

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How to Confirm Windows License Key Has Not Been Used Before

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