How To Check If Your Phone is Rooted or Not

Rooting is process which allows users of Android devices to gain escalated privileges to their devices. As Android runs on the Linux kernel, rooting an Android device gives similar access to superuser permissions as on Linux or Unix-based operating systems. This is similar to running programs as administrators in Windows, or executing an application with sudo in Linux.2016-11-27_025339

You can know if your phone is rooted by simply installing a root checker application or downloading any other application which requires root access. Follow the steps provided in this guide below to check your root status.

  1. Download the Root Checker app from here.
  2. Launch the app from your phone’s app drawer and tap the Agree button when the disclaimer screen pops up.
  3. On the app’s main screen, tap Verify Root.
  4. Wait for a few seconds for the app to check if your phone is rooted properly. Allow any superuser permissions if prompted.
  5. Finally,you will be informed if your Android phone is properly rooted or not.

PRO TIP: With your phone connected in developer mode via USB, start an adb shell and enter the following commands

adb shell

If you see a # at the beginning of the line your phone is rooted. Otherwise it means the su binary is missing.


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