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How to Buy the Right Stream Deck

If you have ever seen the streams of your favorite streamers, then it is safe to say that you may have seen a stream deck. These decks are becoming more and more popular in the market, but the thing is that not many people are familiar with stream decks, in the first place.

So, what exactly is a stream deck? This is what most people need to know about. For starters, a stream deck controls pad that can be customized according to the needs of the users. You get a number of LCD keys that you can use to switch between different situations. For instance, with a stream deck, you can quickly switch between browser tabs, adjusting the audio, launching media, or switching the scenarios.

Needless to say, for live streamers who are always playing games, or are active, a stream deck is something that happens to be extremely useful. Now the main thing is that many people might not have any idea of buying the right stream deck.

When we were reviewing webcams for our buying guide, we could set certain macros to get results out of all cameras at once. All of this was possible because of our Elgato Stream Deck XL. This really made us realize how useful a stream deck can be.

That is why we have decided to aid you in buying the right stream deck without any issues that might come in the way. The process can be a bit difficult for some, so having this will definitely be of help.

Start Evaluating Your Needs

There is no denying that stream decks are not cheap. So, when it comes to buying them, the one thing that you have to know absolutely is your own needs with the stream deck. A lot of people end up spending money on something they have absolutely no use of, and in such situations, it is best that you evaluate your needs in order to buy the right stream deck.

Make sure that you really need it because otherwise, you are just going to be shooting in the dark, and that is not really going to benefit you all that much. If you stream regularly, and you do need something to switch between programs and events, then going for a stream deck is definitely a nice idea.

If you have just started streaming, and you do not see yourself as taking it as seriously, it is best that you wait until you actually have the proper need.

What is Your Budget?

Another thing that you need to start looking at is your budget. While stream decks do not really cost a lot of money, but the thing is that you if you are spending money on something, it is always better that you make your money’s worth it.

Once you have decided your budget, you can start looking at different stream decks available in the market. That will surely help you make the most of the situation, and you will not have any issues whenever you are buying yourself a stream deck.

How Many Keys Do You Need?

Another thing that you need to look at whenever you are trying to buy a good stream deck for yourself is looking at the number of keys. For instance, Elgato, one of the most famous stream deck makers have different options available for their stream decks.

Some have lesser keys while others have more. Obviously, the higher you go with the number of keys, the more you have to pay. So, with that in mind, you should definitely decide on whether you need the additional keys or you do not. Once that is decided, the process from there and onwards will be much simpler, and easier.

Do You Stream Often?

Considering how stream decks are actually only made for streaming, using them for anything other than streaming is actually pointless and the best thing is that you do not make that mistake. If you are in the market looking for a stream deck, make sure that you actually want to use the stream deck, or you actually stream often.

Otherwise, you are just spending money on something that you do not even plan on using. Something that is never a good decision.


Considering how concentrated the use of a stream deck is, it is important to know that whenever it comes to buying one, you have to make the right decision, but that is something that is going to be there with whatever product you buy.

Just make sure that whatever stream deck you are buying actually fulfills your requirements. Otherwise, it is better to just go for something else entirely.


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