How to Block or Hide Windows Administrative Tools for Windows 10 users

There are certain situations where you want to prevent certain users from accessing the built-in Administrative Tools menu in Windows. This folder contains tools for system administrators, as well as advanced users, and having someone who doesn’t really understand what he’s doing mess with them can lead to critical errors. Also, there are cases where you simply don’t want anyone who has access to the computer to be able to modify it in any way, and blocking them from accessing the Administrative Tools is a good way to start.

You can use a tool that blocks access to certain apps, but given that the Administrative Tools are all within system32, having to find and then block them individually can be a very long process. There are a couple of things that you can do to solve this easily, so read on to see how.

Method 1: Deny access to the Administrative Tools menu

To hide the Administrative Tools menu, you can hide it completely from standard users.

  1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs and find the Administrative Tools
  2. Right-click the folder and select Properties
  3. Click on the Security tab, then select Everyone and click Edit
  4. A Permissions box will open. Once more, select Everyone and click the Remove button.
  5. Now click on the Add Select the domain administrators and give them Full Access and Full Control.
  6. Click OK and exit.

Method 2: Use the Group Policy Preferences

Using the Group Policy Preferences can hide the Administrative Tools if you’re using a Group Policy to block certain users from accessing certain places on the computer. Doing this is fairly easy.

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type in User Configuration.
  2. Go to Preferences, then Control Panel Settings and Start Menu.
  3. Right-click, choose New, and then Start Menu (Windows Vista).
  4. Browse until you find the Administrative Tools and choose Do not show this item.

Whichever of the aforementioned methods you opt for, you will see that the users you designated won’t be able to access the Administrative Tools, and will therefore be unable to modify anything critical to your computer.

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How to Block or Hide Windows Administrative Tools for Windows 10 users

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