How to Become a Social Media Manager

Social Media Management is becoming a need of time as businesses are establishing a virtual image of their product. Ever since the creation of ‘social media’, marketing has moved to another higher level, where social media forums like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are extensively used as a very vital marketing tool and spreading the product effectively over these media forums.

And as the name suggests, a social media management cannot work efficiently unless there is a social media manager who takes care of all the online processes of marketing the product on the websites mentioned above (Note: These are only a few of the social media platforms that are used for virtual marketing. Others include various blogs and even Youtube is another important tool for virtual marketing.)

What is the Role of a Social Media Manager

Depending on what social media websites the brand is marketing its product, the Social Media Manager will have one major job to do, that is, managing all the accounts on these social media websites for the brand.

Lets say for instance, I am a social media manager for (assumption). Now because has a page on Facebook, and an account on Instagram, I will manage these pages and accounts. My responsibilities for these accounts would include:

  1. Posting pictures for the product.
  2. Sharing important news and announcements.
  3. Engaging the followers of your product.
  4. Responding to queries and questions by followers.
  5. Creating content that would be very engaging for the audience.
  6. Creating an active community to create a good customer relation.
  7. Staying extremely active on the pages or accounts, to make sure the follower who is messaging the social media manager is very responsive.
  8. Redirecting them to order procedures or taking orders if that is included in their contract.

Can Anybody Become a Social Media Manager

Anybody, who has creative mind, and has very good analyzing skills, can become a social media manager. By analytical skills here, I mean a person who understands what important actions must be taken as a marketer to make the product you are managing, the best option for the followers.

Having said that, there are a certain important skills, that a social media manager must have, other than a creative mind and good reasoning skills, are:

Good Communication Skills

A product, when marketed on social media forums, or even if it is on print media, will not get the attention it deserves if the language and the writing style of the content is not well-designed. This means that the social media manager must have a good command of the language that will be used by them to describe the content they are about to design. Good grammar, accurate use of vocabulary and content that makes sense.

Being Creative

A social media manager must have a very creative way of thinking. They should be able to write posts, share ideas and must create content that is different and very unique, making the product stand out. The manager should also know how they can creatively keep the audience engaged, and increase the involvement of the followers on different posts and shares. For instance, a number of creative social media managers are seen asking questions and running engaging polls where the followers take part and give their valuable input. Sometime, the businesses also provide giveaways and gift-oriented content as well which makes the followers more interested in the product or at least its virtual representation.

Good Interacting Skills

A social media manager MUST be very good at interacting with other people. This does not only mean that they should be accepting of other views, but should also be very careful with the words that they choose when answering a query. Social Media Management requires a lot of social engagement. If you are socially awkward or are not confident about talking to new people, then this might not be the job for you. A social media manager must be very courteous with the customers or followers.


In my opinion, I feel a person who is going to be a social media manager and will be on the first end of facing customers or followers, must be very patient. I call patience to be a very important characteristic of a social media manager because different kinds of people engage with you. Some might be confused buyers who will repeatedly ask you the same queries again and again, and then there would be the angry buyers who might just be very rude to you. You, as a representative of the business, cannot, under any circumstances show bad behavior towards the customer. You need to be patient and also know the art of handling such situations where even if the customer is wrong, you make them return as a happy buyer.

Sometime, the social media managers are also given the responsibility to design the picture-form of the posts, like a graphic designer. If you can ace that skill as well, you might increase your chances of being hired as a social media manager as the company would find you as a complete package.


Habiba Rehman

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