BEST GUIDE: How to Archive E-mails in Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail (now retired) and replaced by the Mail app in Windows 10. Millions of Windows Users continue to use WLM because of the ease and experience it offers. However, since Windows Live Mail is free, and doesn’t have all the professional features, it lacks the pro archiving feature therefore this has to be done manually. So in this guide, we will have to set structure for archiving manually, and from there on it will become an easy task. Before you go ahead, there are two locations where you can archive on the webmail (server) and locally. If you’re account type is IMAP you can then archive messages on the server instead of storing them locally on your hard disk, this will keep messages and archived folders in sync (on which ever device) you configure account on and if for example your computer hard disks faults, or an issue develops, you can immediately configure your account on any other company and all the messages will be downloaded. If you’re account type is POP, then your messages are already stored locally regardless of the location you save them to. Many people would still prefer to keep messages locally.

If i were you and if i had a POP account i would configure a Gmail account and use it as my archiving account. I would just drag and drop any important message i’d like to save/archive on the Gmail. For this to work, you will need to create a gmail account and then add it to your Windows Live Mail as a second account. Gmail is reliable, and it offers free 15 GB storage.

Let’s get started!

Open Windows Live Mail. Right click on the left navigation pane, and click New Folder and name it Archive.

windows mail archive

Now there are two ways to move messages to archive. You can select messages (single or multiple), drag and drop to the archive folder OR  You can right click on one or multiple messages and choose Move to folder and choose the Folder Archive and Click OK.


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BEST GUIDE: How to Archive E-mails in Windows Live Mail

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