How to Add Signature in Your Gmail Account

A signature if often added at the end of an Email just to make the Email look more professional. Once you add a signature to your Email, that signature will automatically be sent to anyone whom you have emailed. This could comprise just your name, or can be paired with your phone number. If you are a business who has to email clients and businesses often, you can also add other details to your signature like your address, and anything useful to contact you like your mobile number.

Gmail also allows its users to add a signature to their emails. It is a simple process. Just follow the following steps and you are good to go.

Benefits of adding a signature is that you don’t have to manually add your details to an email every time. And since a signature is mostly used for a professional set up, it helps you save a lot of time.

Click the settings icon on your Gmail homepage and then click the settings tab as shown in the picture.

Settings Gear>Settings>General

You will be redirected to the settings page which will give you all the options on the screen. All the options are categorized under different headings to help you find the settings for every aspect of your Gmail.

General Settings for Your Gmail

Stay on the settings for ‘General’ and scroll down. When you scroll down, you will find the option to add a signature that will be titled ‘Signature’. Find the option ‘Signature’ in the picture below to make it easier for you to locate on your Gmail settings.

Signature, where you can add your signature details.

The first option under ‘Signature’, that says ‘No Signature’ is selected as a default setting. That is the reason why we don’t have signatures initially when we start using Email. But when you check the second option under ‘Signature’, which basically gives you a space to write your signature in, you can write your details for the signature in the space provided just how I have added my details in the picture below.

Add the details that you think are highly important and should be a part of anyone signature.

After completing this step, scroll down further to the end of this window and click ‘save changes’. This will secure your details for signature. Now the next time you want to email someone, you don’t have to write down these details again. It will automatically be present in your mail every time you use your Gmail.

This is how the signature appears when you compose an email

Don’t like something about your signature? Or you feel like it is too plain? Or, you want to remove it? People keep changing their signature time after time if the information in it is being changed in reality. For instance, you changed your number.You can go back to the same settings, by following the steps mentioned above if you want to change the formatting, the text or the color of your signature. You can even change the line above your signature by going back to the page where you added your signature details.

Making the signature more appealing to the eye

Make sure you press the save changes button right at the end of this window.

Don’t forget to press save changes for any of the changes you make, no matter how minor.

This is how your signature will now appear after the changes.

After saving the changes that I made, this is how my signature appears.

In the ‘General’ Settings, under the ‘Signature’ heading, there is a dialogue which you need to check if you don’t want the dotted lines above your signature. Like the ones showing in the signature picture below.

The dotted lines that separate the body of your email from your signature

The dialogue under ‘Signature’ for removing these dotted lines says:

To remove the dotted lines which appear above your signature

The dotted line basically formats your signature and keeps your signature separate from your body of the email. It is up to you whether you want to add these dotted lines or remove them from your signature.

Signature Tips:

  • Keep it professional.
  • Add important details which can be useful for the recipient. Your email, number, address and your number.
  • Make it attractive. Writing it all in one font makes your signature very boring. You can use different font sizes to make the font focus more on your name, with a smaller font size for the details. Just how I have written mine after the editing. Minus the color. That was just to show that you can change the font color as well.
  • Keep it all black to make your signature look subtle and professional. Adding too much color in your signature might not give a very professional look.

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