How to Add Hyperlinks to Gmail Using a Keyboard Shortcut

A hyperlink is most commonly known as a ‘link’ which is clickable and leads you to another webpage. This ‘hyperlink’, acts as a link between the current page you are on and the website you are leading the reader towards. This helps the reader and you, a lot of time as you can simply add a hyperlink in your email such as Gmail which can be clicked on easily as it looks a little different from the rest of the text in the email.

The Purpose of Hyperlinks in Email

Say for example that you have a potential client and you need them to view your website. While you can simply write the websites name or even write down the URL for instance ‘’. But as you can see, you cannot click this link right now as it has not been linked to the website. This means that I or any reader will have to copy this URL for the website or type it entirely from scratch on a browser (which by the way could have a lot of chances of misspellings).  Now the point here is to save your and my time using hyperlinks. Now if I was composing an email, and if I could have done this, instead of, it would have saved so much time for all of us right? All you have to do is click the link in the article instead of copying or typing it on a new browser.

Different Ways to Add Hyperlink in Gmail

There are two ways to make a simple text a hyperlink in Gmail.

  1. Using the link icon which looks like a part of the chain.
  2. Using the shortcut key.

Using the Link Icon

For most of the email and writing software and websites, there is usually an icon for adding a link to the text. It looks like a part of the chain, denoting the idea that this acts as a link for the chain, and similarly, you can link your text to another website using this icon. For this, you will have to select the part of the email on Gmail, for instance, to add a link by using the hyperlink icon. Follow the steps as mentioned below to add a hyperlink in your email on Gmail.

  1. Open Gmail and Compose a mail.
    Sign in to your Gmail account and start composing an email.


  2. When composing the email, make sure you add a piece of information or the URL itself which would inform the reader that would help them know that this is what they should be viewing.
    For this example, I used the link for along with the word website. These are the two words which I will hyperlink in Gmail.


  3. Select the text you want to link to your website or the webpage.
    I selected the word website that I could link it to the website using the icon for hyperlink on Gmail.


  4.  Now right at the end of the window for Compose on Gmail, notice the icon for the hyperlink.
    This is what you need to click on when you select the word that you want to make as a hyperlink


  5. Now here is the trick, when you select a URL in your email and click on this link icon, the URL automatically looks highlighted, as shown in the image above. But, when you select a word out of your text on Gmail, you will be directed to another window of options as shown in the image below. Here, you will add the URL for the website you want to link that specific word to in the space for website address in this image.
    Add the URL in the space provided for web address.


  6. I added the link for in the space for the web address and clicked OK. The word website automatically looked blue, which is an indicator of hyperlinking. Now, when you click on this word, it will direct you to the website for

    hyperlinking successfully.

Using the Shortcut Key for Hyperlinking

Now that you have learned the first method of adding a hyperlink to your email on Gmail, you would be happy to knwo that you can use the following shortcut keys which can be pressed simultaneously the keyboard, and will hyperlink the selected text instantly. The shortcut keys are:

Ctrl + K

This is definitely an easier method.

  1. Select the text in the mail.
  2. Press Ctrl + K
  3. hyperlinked successfully

Note: When you select a URL for this method, and click the shortcut keys, the text will change to a hyperlink automatically.  Just as we did in the previous method. And for selecting a word instead of a URL, you will again be directed to the window where you can add a web address for the website which you want to link this speicifc word to.


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