How to Add a Theme to Google Chrome

Google Chrome offers its users a variety of themes to choose from, and use it on their Google Chrome. The default settings from Chrome is a plain white color. This might get a bit boring for many and if you want some change on your Google Chrome, you can follow the steps as mentioned below to change the color or the theme of your Google Browser. It is always fun to bring some changes. Just how you can add a theme to your Gmail Account, you can do the same for a Chrome Browser. Here is how you can do this.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer. On the right side of the page, you can locate three vertical ellipses as shown in the image below. This is where you will find more settings for your Google Chrome. Click on this.
    Open Google Chrome and click on the ellipses.
  2. Clicking on the ellipses will show you a drop-down list of settings to choose from. You need to click on the tab that says ‘Settings’, as highlighted in the image below.
    Settings tab
  3. When you click on the Settings tab, Google will open a detailed page on Chrome, showing you more settings. Here, you will find your account that you are signed in, the password, appearance and many more settings as you scroll down the page. The one for changing the theme of your Chrome is ‘Appearance’. Under the heading for Appearance, the very first option is for ‘Themes’. This is where you can change your theme for Chrome. You need to click on the icon that is on the opposite side of ‘Themes’. It is a square with an outward arrow in the corner. Click on this small icon and you will be directed to another tab on Chrome.
    Find the heading for Appearance, under which you will locate Themes
  4. The new tab shows you all the themes that Google has to offer for Chrome. You can scroll down the page to find something that interests you. You will find plain colors, objects and beautiful sceneries for themes. Click on your favorite theme.
    Pick a theme of your choice. Explore the choices
  5. The theme you clicked on, will open on the same tab, with more information about it. There would be an overview, where you can read about the theme. Reviews show what the users have to say about the themes and their experiences. You can read all of them as you scroll down the page. The option for support shows the questions people ask Google when they don’t understand things related to themes or if the themes are not working. You might find a solution for your theme related problem here. And the last heading here is Related, where you will find various themes by the same developer, basically, these are more themes to choose from which Google thinks that you might like. If you like the theme that you clicked on, and if you want it to be applied to ‘Chrome’, click on the blue tab that says ‘Add to Chrome’ on the top right side of the page as shown by the arrow in the image below.
    Add to Chrome, click on this blue tab
  6. Now, the blue tab that said ‘Add to Chrome’, will change to ‘checking…’ This means that the theme is being processed and will be applied to your Google Chrome shortly.
    This is what the blue icon will turn to once you click on Add to Chrome
  7. Once the theme has been applied to your Chrome, you will see it visibly on the tabs above. Also, the blue tab that said ‘Add to Chrome’, has now become white, and says ‘Added to Chrome’. This means that the theme has been added to your Google Chrome.
    The theme has been added

    If you go on another new tab, you will see the theme on your Google homepage.

    Google homepage
  8. After applying the theme, there are chances that some colors might not feel fit for a screen that you need to use that often. So in case you want to change the theme that you selected, you can always undo it, change it and bring it back to the original settings as it was by default. For this, you will have to go back to the page where we found the headings for ‘Appearance’ and ‘Themes’. Now, there would be an additional tab in front of Themes which says ‘ Reset to default’. This tab is what you need to click if you want your selected theme from the theme library, to be removed. The minute you click on this, you will notice on your Chrome that the theme is not white again, which is the color by default for Chrome.
    Reset to Default
    The theme has been removed and is back to the older version
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How to Add a Theme to Google Chrome

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