How to Add a Signature Line on Microsoft Word

When creating a certain kind of document, Microsoft Word would be the first option for many because of the user-friendly features and the variety of document formats that can be used in it. If you are someone who often needs to sign documents and has to write their designation and details all over again every time, then you might want to learn how you could add a signature line to your Microsoft Word document, making your life easier and saving you so much more time.

While you can also add a handwritten digital signature to your word document, but before that, let’s learn how you can create a signature line on your document which will include your name, your designation and the date you are creating the document on.

  1. Open a Word document. Doesn’t matter if it is an already existing document or a completely new one. You just need to click on the place on the page where you would want to see the signature line at. I wanted it at the end of my page, so that is where I double-clicked my cursor.
Open a Word Document for which you want to create a signature line
  1. Go to Insert tab which is on the top tool ribbon with all the other tools.
Go to the Insert tab on your MS Word. It would be the third tab from the left.
  1. Under the Insert tab, towards the right side of your screen, you can locate the tab that says ‘Signature Line’. Look at the image below for a better view of the placement of this tab.
Find the tab for Signature Line under Insert. It will be towards the right side of your screen
  1. Click on the downward-facing arrow that you can see on this tab. This will show you two options in the dropdown list that appears. Click on the one that says ‘Microsoft Office Signature Line…’
The dropdown list for Signature Line can be accessed by clicking on the downward-facing arrow right at the end of the tab
  1. Once you click on Microsoft Office Signature Line…, a dialogue box will appear on the screen. This is where you can add all the details for your signature line. This is probably the best feature for anyone who would love their document to show important details about them. Fill the empty spaces as mentioned. Add the details that you want to and add them accurately so that there are no errors.
These are the basic fields that must be filled to create a signature line for a document

Now, this signature line does not specifically have to be for you. There are high chances that you are making a document for someone else and need a very important document to be signed by someone else. And for that purpose, it is important that you know their details that are required for the signature line. For instance, maybe you are creating a document for your boss, or a client and for their signature, you would be needing this signature line and the details accordingly.

For example, I added my details to this. When you are entering these details, make sure that the spellings and the email are accurate. You can afford a mistake on an official document

Here are the details I added for my Signature Line. Press the OK tab once you have proofread the Signature Setup.

  1. Since I had clicked on the end of my page before clicking ‘Signature Line’, the signature line has automatically shifted to the next page. You need not worry about this because this is still editable. You can use the backspace and Tab keys on the keyboard to move the signature line back and forth.
Even if the Signature line appears in an awkward position, you can always alter the placement through the backspace and tab keys on the keyboard. You can drag the signature line box as well.
I backspaced the box on my page to adjust it to the first page
  1. If you want to format the signature line, Microsoft Word allows you to do this as well by clicking on the signature line box. Once you click the cursor on the space where the signature is, it will get selected and would look something like this.
There is always room for more editing. If you feel like you want to do a little more formatting for the signature line, you can always format it through the Format tab on the top tool ribbon

You can always edit this box and also format it effectively through the Format tab that appears on the top toolbar the instant you click on the signature line that you just created. Depending on the formality of the document, you can format the signature. Note: Make sure you keep it simple and don’t over-do it. You need to keep formal documents very uncomplicated.


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