How long does windows updates take to complete?

Windows updates takes up a lot of time sometimes. If not anything else, it is occupying a system’s RAM and bothering the user if it is taking hours and hours to complete and update. Longer time durations in updates are due to some significant reasons.

First and foremost, the time Windows take to complete an update is dependent upon the age of a system. If a machine is too old, the hardware will take a lot of time responding to the OS’s requests. If this is the case, approximate time is undefined. It can take an hour more to a day more. Secondly, it depends on your internet connection a bit, too. However, this does not mean the problems are unfixable.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

The best and easiest way to figure out and fix what is wrong with updating is to consult Windows Troubleshooting. Hit the Start button on the bottom left of the interface and search for Control Panel. Click and open Control Panel after you find it. Once you are in Control Panel, search for Troubleshooting. Click the first option it gives you; it will certainly be troubleshooting only.

Under this heading, you will find two more subheadings. The second of the two, named Find and fix problems, is what you have to select. Click the last option that says System and Security. Again, you have to go with the last option under the heading of Windows. It is called Windows Update.

As soon as you click Windows Update, it will check for problems in Windows update and fix them or recommend solutions, at least.


If the steps above won’t work for you, then check out our detailed guide addressing a specific Windows Update Error which contains various methods to address updates related issues.

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How long does windows updates take to complete?

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