How Does Tagging Work on the Internet

A tag is a kind of categorization that is done on the internet using a specific word. By categorization here, I mean assigning a certain word or a person a part of the status, the picture or the post that they have been ‘tagged’ in. Tagging is a very popular thing that is done by almost everyone who uses these social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

People use tags on blogs as well. Blogs can be categorized using a certain tag which is attached to the article. Every time a person searches for a certain ‘tag’ he or she will find the blog or anything that has been tagged under this one word.

Purpose of Tagging

When you tag something, you define a category for it. For instance, in the real world, you tag things so that you know what is inside a jar. Similarly, you tag a blog, to let people know what the blog is going to about. You tag a picture, that way you will know who all are in the picture. Tagging basically is a cloud-based tool which helps the businesses on the internet pool all things under a ‘tag’, which also increases the search chances for that particular tag.

How Tagging Works on Blogs

Wordpress, without any doubt, is the leading blogging forum on the internet. A tag is a sub-part of a category. You categorize larger groups of content into one single category, for instance, say that you are writing a blog on Technology. You would categorize all your articles on technology under this one category. You can further divide the category by adding tags to each article about what the reader should expect out of the blog. Tags give a piece of more specific information about the article to the reader. For instance, tagging my article with the word ‘tagging’ (since I am talking about tagging right now). Not only would this inform the reader that my article is about tagging, but it will also help readers find any article on ‘tagging’ if they simply press on the ‘tag’ in the ‘tag cloud’ that is created by WordPress users to make it, even more, easier for the readers.

How Tagging Works on Social Networking Websites like Facebook and Others

Social networking websites have seen the trends for tagging for a very long time. Friends tag one another on pictures, on status, and also in comments. This kind of tag is very different from that of a blog tagging. While in a blog, you are only creating a category by tagging it. But for such tagging on social networks, you are not only creating a category but are also informing your friend directly, or tagging them in something that they would like to see. Just how friends tag one another on funny and relatable memes, you can tag anyone of Facebook using the ‘@’ symbol right before typing their name.

For Instagram, and Twitter, the symbol for tagging is different, although the purpose is pretty much the same. For Instagram and Twitter users, ‘#’, the hash key, can be used before adding a word or name to tag to the picture or comment. For both these forums, the term for tagging has been specified has ‘hashtag’. You don’t just tag on Instagram and Twitter, you ‘hashtag’.The best thing about these hashtags is, that you can follow these tags on the forums. If you specify a hashtag, for instance, #appuals, you will find all the pictures or videos on both of these forums that have been tagged with this specific hashtag. Hashtags and Tags are pretty much the same and function in the same way. You can say that these are just different words for the same thing on different forums.

Tagging is a great way of marketing. Using the most popular tags on your Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook can attract a lot of customers and potential buyers for your product if you are business or even if you want to increase your following for a personal blog.

By adding a tag, or a hashtag as the Instagram-ers would call it, is by far the most creative, helpful and intelligent way of organizing every single thing that is present on the web from quotes, songs, photography, food and pretty much anything. Tagging has helped not only businesses in increasing their sales but has also helped the internet followers in finding what they are looking for or finding something that interests them with a lot more ease, through a single ‘tag’. A tag on any picture, product, or even status, is clickable. This means if you click on a certain tag, you will be directed to a page which will show you all the things that have been tagged ever by this one word and by anyone in the world.


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