House Of The Dead 1 And 2 Remakes Confirmed, Rumored Launch Before End of 2020

The House of the Dead games are one of Sega’s most iconic on rails first-person shooter arcade games. First released in 1996, the franchise has since seen numerous sequels and spin-offs based on the original shooter. Apart from the release of Scarlet Dawn in 2018, the series has remained mostly quiet for the past decade. However, as revealed in a surprise announcement by Forever Entertainment, it seems that a remake of the first two House of the Dead games is in the works.

House of the Dead

Rumors of the remake first appeared near the end of September after Polish website Graczpospolita shared details about Forever Entertainment’s deal. While the news wasn’t officially confirmed by Forever Entertainment, the story did state a few interesting details.

Graczpospolita reports that the upcoming House of the Dead remakes will be developed by MegaPixel Studio, the developers of Panzer Dragoon: Remake on the Nintendo Switch. Moreover, Polish studio Forever Entertainment will act as the publisher, and will co-finance the project alongside TA Publishing.

The Polish news website further claims that the remakes will feature updated graphics with “slightly modified” gameplay which will “fully preserve the original scenario”. Furthermore, Graczpospolita says that a premiere of the first remake will likely be seen before the end of 2020.

In their official announcement, however, Forever Entertainment hasn’t confirmed any of the above facts. The studio simply says that launch platforms and release dates for either of the remakes are yet to be confirmed. Judging by the studio’s history, it’s entirely possible that the House of the Dead remakes are targeting a Nintendo Switch release.

As the original House of the Dead used light guns as user input, it will be interesting to see the direction Forever Entertainment takes for the remakes. No more information regarding the remakes was shared, and the studio urges fans to follow their official channels to stay up to date.

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