Horizon Zero Dawn Remake May Not Be Developed by Guerrilla Games

It appears that there will be a Horizon Zero Dawn Remake, but it will not be developed by Guerrilla Games. Despite the original game receiving a patch for the current-gen platform and the game’s relatively recent release date (five years ago), rumors surfaced earlier this year that a Horizon: Zero Dawn remaster was in the works for PS5.

In the latest episode of the Sacred Symbols podcast, well-known journalist and insider Colin Moriarty disclosed a minor but important piece of information about the rumored Horizon: Zero Dawn remake for PlayStation 5. He said that the remake is in development and Guerrilla Games is not the studio working on it.

We’re also assuming that [Guerrilla] is making the Horizon remake thing there, although, if that’s real, what I’ve heard is that it’s at another team”

-Colin Moriarty on the Sacred Symbols Podcast

Moriarty continued by saying that he would not reveal which studio is possibly developing the PS5 version of Horizon: Zero Dawn because the person who told him that information probably wouldn’t want it made public. Rumors about the remake initially surfaced in early October. Although Moriarty is unable to give specifics, he does say that the new game is being developed without Guerrilla Games’ input.

While the game was released only five years ago, it doesn’t make sense to completely develop a remaster for it, nonetheless, Sony is now considering it. It’s safe to say that Guerrilla Games is keeping quite busy with the Horizon series, even if it isn’t directly involved with a new Horizon Zero Dawn. Guerrilla recently announced that, in addition to launching Horizon: Forbidden West for PS5 and PS4 earlier this year, it will also be releasing a new expansion for the game titled Burning Shores in April 2023. Plus, Guerrilla has just recently stated that it is developing an online game that takes place in the Horizon universe, so there’s that.

Despite the fact that the rumor has been circulating for some time and would have been validated by Moriarty’s recent intervention, the news has not yet been released to the public. Horizon: Zero Dawn was initially released for the PlayStation 4 in 2017, with a PC port following in 2020.

Let us know what you think about the topic and whether you think it’s the right move for the developer to remake a game that was only launched five years ago for a console that will be receiving other new entries in the same series.



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