Guerrilla Games Confirms New Online Co-Op Game Set in the Horizon Universe

It would appear that we finally have some news regarding the Horizon online multiplayer game, which has been the subject of increasing rumors over the past few months. Guerrilla Games has confirmed, in a series of job postings, that the company is, in fact, working on an upcoming online co-op project for Horizon.

A Twitter user named JorRaptor was the first to notice around seventeen new job postings by Horizon across a wide range of positions, all of which offered competitive salaries and perks. The listings gave hints about what Guerrilla Games is working on.

The senior character combat designer, for instance, is expected to “design unique abilities that are exciting to execute, offer tactical choices, and create cooperative opportunities for multiple player characters.” As for the senior machine combat designer, their job is to create “multiple machine enemies that provide a variety of challenges against multiple players.”

The developer later addressed the project on Twitter, tweeting that they were looking to find new team members for the Horizon Online Project. All sorts of positions, from game and system designers to animation directors and game writers, are mentioned. However, the multiplayer project isn’t the only Horizon-related game in the works. It also mentions hiring for a single-player game set in the universe.

We are continuing to create epic solo adventures for Aloy. But there is more. A new internal team is developing a separate Online Project set in Horizon’s universe”

Now that we know the next online game in the Horizon series is happening, we can’t wait to see how Guerilla implements it. Unfortunately, information about the game is still extremely scarce, but we’ll keep an eye out for any new updates as they become available.


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