Horizon Forbidden West DLC in the works?

It was not too long ago, in early 2022, that Guerrilla Games and Sony went ahead with the launch of Horizon Forbidden West. The game was awarded praise, exceptional reviews, and unbelievable ratings. The game proved itself as a worthy successor to Horizon Zero Dawn. But will we get around to a Horizon Forbidden West DLC?

Forbidden West was released only six months ago, and during this time, it’s received some important updates. Yet, there have been no announcements regarding a DLC or expansion, which is pretty much the norm when you get such a hard-hitting AAA title.

Proof of a Horizon Forbidden West DLC?

But there has been speculation that a Horizon Forbidden West DLC could be in the works. Peggy Vrijens, who helped with most of Aloy’s motion capture work, posted a video reel to Instagram, where she was showcasing her motion capture suit once again. So, something fishy is indeed going on over at Guerrilla Studios, if not at an entirely different game studio.

But it didn’t stop there, and Peggy was on a streak with her updates. She shared an additional post where she was present alongside Louis Van Breek. If you didn’t know, both of them worked together on Horizon Forbidden West.

The only plausible explanation is that the motion capture work is being done for an unannounced Horizon Forbidden West DLC, which is still yet to be revealed from behind closed doors. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be wrong, as it’s also possible that the duo might be working on a separate project altogether. But let’s be honest, which scenario seems to be more likely?

With six months down the bucket, it’s too soon for Sony and Guerrilla Games to wind up on Horizon Forbidden West. I mean, why wouldn’t they capitalize on the success of such a well-received game. 

If we take a look into the past, they followed this trend before as well. The Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn was launched at least nine months or so after the main game. So it practically stands to reason that if Horizon Forbidden West is to receive a DLC, it might be aimed at the end of the year or, to be precise, during Christmas time.

Horizon Forbidden West DLC
A close-up of Aloy | Mr. Helstein

If we get to see a Horizon Forbidden West DLC (let’s be honest, we will), it will be pretty interesting to see how the story exactly goes about it. Previously, the Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn showcased a brand new location for players to explore, in addition to some captivating story elements. 

The story for Frozen Wilds wasn’t substantial enough to understand the happenings of Forbidden West, so it’s possible the story will be more of a side-story than an addition to the main storyline. But then again, we could be wrong.

Rumors are floating about a showcase by Sony sometime in September where they’ll greenlight some of the projects they have in store for us. We’ll get to see more glimpses of God of War Ragnarok and other game titles that are set for release in 2023. If that showcase does indeed happen, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Horizon Forbidden West DLC make an entrance on stage. That is, if it exists at all. 

For now, all you can do is keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. Wait for an official announcement before getting your hopes up too much. So what do you think? Is a Horizon Forbidden West DLC in the works or are we just overreaching here. Most of the evidence points in the direction of a DLC, but at the same time, it sounds too good to be true.

Maybe we’ll get further news about the DLC during the Showcase in September in the form of an official announcement. So far, the evidence seems to be in the favor of a DLC so keep your fingers crossed!

We’ll keep you updated on any further leaks and updates in regards to a Horizon Forbidden West DLC or even a sequel. Make sure to visit Appuals for further news updates. Tune in next time for further potential DLC leaks. Till then, see you next time and goodbye!


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