Honor to Unveil Its First In-House Chipset “Honor C1 RF” on March 6

Recent reports have shown Honor’s ambitious aspirations to completely dominate the smartphone industry. And it seems like the Chinese phone maker is already making the necessary preparations. The company has lately revealed that its self-developed Honor C1 RF network chip will be released on March 6.

Honor claims that the new C1 chip utilizes a specially tuned algorithm that improves performance in common cases of low signal strength. They are not limited to only those places, but might happen in places including garages, basements, high-speed trains, and elevators.

Honor C1 RF Chip Announcement | Honor

The first RF improvement chip built entirely in-house by Honor, the company claims, will significantly expand smartphones’ capacity for communicating across networks. Unfortunately, real-world testing of the chip’s performance has not yet been conducted.

As far as Honor is concerned, the C1 RF chip is the next logical step in the evolution of the 5G experience. Moreover, this will allow the Chinese smartphone manufacturer to evaluate the chip’s 5G performance in comparison to that of the market’s top devices.

The four-core radio frequency processor will be added to the list of significant hardware by Honor, which is already utilizing other chipset solutions like the Pixelworks X5 Pro for the display. In addition, Honor is pushing the first silicon carbon anode battery, which has the potential to outperform the lithium-ion battery in terms of battery life and energy usage.

Honor is aiming for a major policy change at the moment. Honor’s CEO, Zhao Ming, recently said in an interview that the company plans to take advantage of the industry’s lack of superior network solutions for smartphones.

It seems that Honor is filling up its canvas to make a great entry into the mobile sector with the launching of the Magic5 lineup and successful and innovative MWC events. Seeing what the business has in store for its customers will be intriguing.

Source: Huawei Central


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