Honor Releases the Watch GS Pro: The Perfect Companion for Adventurers on a budget?

Honor is one of the side brands from Huawei. It shares the same parent company from Huawei. The company, or brand, offers the same quality products at a more budget price range. The company may cut corners in certain features or so. Anyway, the company is finally launching a proper smartwatch with an operating system that is geared towards the adventuring demographic. This would be quite similar to the Galaxy S3 Frontier. While the watch has not made its official debut, a couple of leaked sources have shown the watches assets which are currently (at the time of this article) are under embargo.


HONOR Watch GS Pro

The watch does feature quite a modern design. This is quite reminiscent of the Huawei GT. While that is the case, the Honor Watch GS Pro does also support a sporty look. Coming in with three colours, the watch screams adventure. We see a round bezel too which can give for a little formal feel with the right band. The watch comes in the following colours:

  • Charcoal Black
  • Marl White
  • Camo Blue

Brief Internals

HONOR Battery Life

We move towards the internals of the device. There is no particular information on the SoC inside. Instead, we know that the device would have a 1.39-inch round AMOLED screen. It would be water-resistant up to 5 atm, as all rugged watches should be. As for the battery, there is no detail on it but there is something big in this. According to the assets, the watch would last for a whopping 25 days with regular functions on. Once you turn on the GPS though, the battery life goes down to about 48 hours. The watch can be charged in less than 2 hours though, which is a big plus.

Headlining Features

HONOR Weather Alert

The idea of a “premium” watch is the features it comes with. Honor goes for the premium route with the Watch GS Pro. There are like more than a hundred workout modes which include hiking, trail running and so many more, apart from the usuals. For the mountaineers out there, Honor has added an Altitude Barometer as well. For some of the workouts, there is auto-detecting as well. This helps when the user forgets to start logging the workout. The watch also stores music which is a plus when you’re going for a run and do not want to carry anything extra other than your watch and headphones.

Lastly, a smartwatch would not be complete without the health features that come by its side. There is always on HR tracking which is a plus and can especially help with irregular palpitations and so on. With the recent COVID-19 spread, oxygen saturation and tracking it are two important things. The watch comes with a SpO2 meter. The watch also has active sleep tracking but it is recommended that if you’re going for always-on GPS, it is better to charge your watch overnight. With the help of Huawei TruRelax app, the watch also helps keep stress at bay. This is for those moments when you can feel the anxiety taking over.


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