Control Human Body with Homo Machina

A game inspired by Fritz Kahn's illustrations

Homo Machina is a game for iOS and Android gamers in which one gets to go inside the human body in a 2d biological environment. The game has been developed by a joint production of Darjeeling and Arte France. It is a game which is inspired by the works of a famous German physician Fritz Kahn (1888-1968) and his iconic illustrations of what really is present inside the human body.

Gameplay and Objectives:

The human body has been shown to be working like a factory where teeny tiny workers are operating the machines to get everything in shape. For example, the two parts of the heart have been depicted by the two colours, red and blue. They have four different divisions (like the four chambers in a human heart) which are pumping blood for the human you’re in. Different machines with meters showing readings depict the level of different emotions and the senses of the human body. The game starts with the player inside a male human body and the player has to decide what his ‘gigantic’ human guy is going to have for breakfast. Then you get to control tiny workers and actually perform all of the actions like chewing the food and swallowing it. You are assigned to perform different tasks further in the game and are responsible for putting the body to work accordingly.

By the looks of it, it not only a good casual game, but it is also quite informative and might be just the right game that a parent wants his school going kid to be playing.


The game also had the honour to be an official nominee for the following awards:

  • SXSW 2018 (Austin Official Nominee Gamer’s Voice Award)
  • A-Maze 2018 (Berlin Official Nominee)
  • Game Connection 2018 (Best mobile/casual/storytelling game)
  • New Images 2018 (Paris)

The game is set to be released on the 17th of May 2018 on both the platforms simultaneously. The official teaser trailer:


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