Homall Gaming Chair Review

After all those running gags and jokes, there isn’t anyone who is not aware of how important a good gaming chair is. It is imperative that you not just have a chair that falls under this category but have one that does not leave you stiff and tired after long sessions.

Homall Gaming Chair

Great Value


  • Very easy and quick assembly
  • Soft and padded leather for increased comfort
  • Rocking mode with a tension knob for adjustment


  • Non adjustable armrests
  • Leather from the head cushion is prone to stickiness in hotter temperatures

46,737 Reviews

Load capacity: 300 lbs | Seat tilt: 90 - 180 degrees | Footrest: None | Material type: Polyurethane leather

VERDICT:The Homall gaming chair, at first impression, comes off as a cheap knock off with little to offer. But, on closer inspection, you'll find that that is certainly not the case. Sure, it cuts down on the durability and quality of the materials but it is still among the most comfortable chairs we have used. The soft PU leather with extra paddings will ensure that it easily adjusts according to the shape of your back and not get worn out. This chair has been designed with amazing ergonomic support, and you will not be disappointed.

Available in different colors

Besides, there is nothing a good gaming chair can’t fix. With the market being saturated with a plethora of gaming chairs, how is one to choose that is not overly priced? We’re here today to help you with that with a recommendation of our choice- the Homall Gaming Chair. This chair is comfortable, cozy, well designed and reasonably priced.

Construction and Assembly

The name Homall is not a very widely known brand however, they have still managed to sell a huge number of chairs that the buyers have adored. They’re designed with ergonomic factors kept in mind and come out as one of the most comfortable ones out there. There is not much innovation exercised in this chair as they follow a tried and tested method. But it works to a great extent in the favor of this chair.


The chair comes in parts that you need to assemble on your own. All of the necessary equipment that you’ll need for the assembly will come in the box- including the screws, etc. You also get an instruction manual so that you can follow the steps as shown in the pictures. Putting together this chair is actually not that difficult, even if you have never assembled one before. And, as with all gaming chairs, we recommend starting out from the bottom that is, the base and the wheels. The base features 5 caster wheels that you must screw in place. The base and the wheels are made of plastic and, they do feel a bit flimsy during assembly but we encountered no problems when it was all put together. The wheels were smooth and worked well on hard and soft surfaces.

After putting together the base, you’ll want to move on to the seat and the armrests. The seat is made of polyurethane leather and the armrests of plastic. Put the armrests in place and screw them in place. Some users have encountered manufacturing faults where the screws would not line up properly. If you do encounter that with your chair, consider moving it around and holding it in place until you get it right. Next, put the metallic frame at the bottom of the chair and screw that in place. The frame and the shaft on the base will go together. The polyurethane leather is more prone to tears than original leather so make sure you handle that carefully. Unfortunately, the armrest is not adjustable and they will stay in their fixed place. Most gaming chairs let you adjust that but Homall does not.

Quality Details

Grab the other pair of metallic frames and put together the backrest of the chair by screwing them in place. Make sure that all the screws are tightly done. The backrest of the chair and the two cushions are also made of leather. Both the head cushion and the lower back cushion are soft, comfortable and easy to bend. This adds on to the orthopedics of the Homall chair, with the cushions bending in the correct shape as to provide comfort to the muscles. There are no flimsy and weak parts except the base and the caster wheels which requires some caution. The leather for the head cushion might be a problem for some. During summers or when the temperature is hot, the leather of the head cushion will soak up the sweat and become sticky to the touch. We would’ve liked to see some fix for that.

Cushion for neck rest and lumbar support


It is important, when purchasing a gaming chair, that you choose one that does not shy away from different customization options. These add on to the comfort level of the chair itself, which is ultimately what you need. A lot of manufacturers put in extra options, along with the basic ones, for you to tweak with for the best experience. And Homall, although not quite famous, is known to deliver their chairs at a fraction of the cost of some expensive chairs. Keeping that in mind, how does this Homall chair do in giving you the necessary features that any buyer desires?

This racing gaming chair by Homall does feature a standard gaming chair design, however, it can be used in some office environments as well. The recommended weight limit for this chair is rated at 300 lbs however, you never want to try these chairs out to their limits. Which is why it might be better for you to look at some other product if you’re in the 280lbs limit. Otherwise, you’ll start to notice the gas-powered lift degrade in quality and start squeaking over time. All the models and versions of the Homall chair come with Polyurethane leather. It is a very soft, comfortable type of leather that almost all gaming chair manufacturers employ.

Soft PU leather with padded armrests for more comfort

We really liked the fact that this chair comes with support cushions for lumbar support and neck rest. The neck cushion is tied around the hollow spaces of the back frame. And as for the lumbar cushion, it can be adjusted along and moved along the strap. Both of these, along with the soft leather, contribute to the ultimate deciding factor for any chair- the comfort level. The PU leather is not very breathable, and so you should clean up it up with a damp cloth so that the material does not get sticky to the touch.

Another thing that we liked with this chair, is the inclusion of the reclining seat with the ability to be locked in the fixed or rocking mode. With the adjusting pivot, you can switch the chair into different modes. And not just that, this Homall chair also features a rocking mode. A rocking mode is perfect for when you want to just kick back, put your feet on the table and watch a movie in a relaxing mood. And using the tension knob, you can adjust how easy the rocking is. If you don’t want that, this chair can be tilted from 90 to 180 degrees, all the way flat. Ideally, you want the tilt to be somewhere between 100-110 degrees so that

Adjustable height, tilts and a full 360 degree swivel

your back has all the support it needs. And with the soft and comfortable leather, that is no problem at all.

During the assembly of the 5 pronged bases, you will have seen a cylinder in the middle of the shaft. That is a class 3 gas lift, which Homall utilizes to ensure adjustment of height and load stability. It is due to this very class 3 gas lift that this chair is able to withstand a load of 300lbs. The Homall chair does have a full 360-degree swivel and adjustable height positions as per your liking. Both of these are fairly standard out of any gaming chair, and luckily, a part of this chair as well. There are certain things we disliked about this chair but, all things considered, Homall offers a pretty attractive product with a cheap price tag. And most importantly, it is comfortable, soft and perfect for long hours of continuous sitting.


The Homall gaming chair is a near-perfect fit for the buyers who are on a tight budget but want a comfortable gaming chair. With its soft and supple leather paddings, padded armrest and a sturdy frame, most buyers will find that there is little to complain about this chair. We really like what Homall has to offer and do highly recommend it to our readers. Premium class gaming chairs tend to cost more than 400 bucks, however with just a budget of $100, you get yourself a pretty good deal. This chair is comfortable, easy to adjust and assemble, and will last you a long time. Sure, there are certain drawbacks with this chair, as mentioned and discussed above, but they’re to be expected with a cheap price tag.

Price at the time of review: $95


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