Using Hogar Controls: For Smart Home Automation

Hogar Controls provide you with a wide range of different smart products. Hogar claims that all the products manufactured by this brand are energy efficient. All these products are geared by efficient Z-Wave wireless protocol which makes these products play an important part in protecting your environment. Moreover, all the products by Hogar are extremely safe to use. They are tested under controlled conditions before deployment against various different use-cases. This practice ensures that all the products by Hogar meet all the electrical standards and hence they become resistant to any electrical hazards.

Hogar offers multiple different products that fall under the following four series:

  1. Smart Series- As the name implies, this series presents us with different smart home automation and control-related products.
  2. Touch Series- This series provides us with smart touch switch panels for turning on/off the lights and fan.
  3. Enviro Series- The aim of the products of this series is to convert the simple environment around you into a complete smart home system.
  4. Security Series- The products in this series offer you the best home security protection.

However, in this article, we will mainly be focusing on the products that fall under the Smart Series by Hogar.

Benefits of using Hogar Controls:

The main benefits of using Hogar controls are discussed below:

  • Wireless Plug and Play- All the products by Hogar are designed while making use of the latest technology. That is why they are fast, non-disruptive and easily installable.
  • Instant Control from Anywhere- The home automation products by Hogar allow you to access them remotely from anywhere around the world. This is so because Hogar products are powered by Z-Wave smart home wireless protocol and multiple other connectivity options.
  • Custom and Retro Fit- All the products by Hogar come with both fitting options i.e. Custom and Retro. Therefore, you can use any of these options based upon your requirements and hence, it will not be difficult for you to install Hogar products on a new project or even in your old house.
Hogar Controls

Different Smart Home Controllers by Hogars:

Hogar Smart Series provides a very efficient solution to all of your automation needs. You can control anything and everything just with the help of touch. Controlling lights, temperature, music, etc. has never been this much easier before. Hogar offers the following three products in the Smart Series:

  1. Home Controller Pro- This is a sleek and compact smart home hub that comes with all the smart home control features. It is small enough to fit easily into any power outlet while still being powerful enough to control your entire home. It supports seamless plug and play without the need for any wires or adapters. All you need to do is just to plug in and get started.
  2. Home Controller Mini- This product by Hogar Smart Series provides simplified home control features for your entire smart home. However, this product is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This smart mini-hub has the capability to integrate itself with a wide range of multimedia devices, lights, smart TVs, etc. very smoothly. Moreover, it provides you with the flexibility to control your smart home devices both remotely and locally.
  3. The Pebble- As the name implies, this product is a wireless touch button that looks like a pebble. This product has combined elegant design and functionality into a simple, customizable device that can control everything in your smart home. It gives you the liberty to customize up to 9 actions such as smart lighting, thermostat, shading, etc.

Now, we will discuss one important use case of all these products one by one in the section given below.

Use Cases of Smart Home Controllers by Hogar:

All the smart home controllers by Hogar offer a wide range of useful features. However, each one of them has a distinct use case that highlights its importance and differentiates it from the rest of the controllers. So, now we are going to discuss those use cases.

Use Case of Home Controller Pro:

Home Controller Pro is best suitable for the environments where you have varying sizes of power outlets available. Usually, the automation hubs are designed to fit a particular size of the power outlet but the great thing about Home Controller Pro is that it is small enough to fit in any power outlet. On the same side, it is smart and capable enough to control up to 232 smart home devices. Moreover, it gives you the flexibility to operate your devices from anywhere around the world because of its Free Cloud Connectivity.

Home Controller Pro by Hogar Smart Series

Use Case of Home Controller Mini:

When you do not want to spend much on a home automation hub but still require the same level of performance, then there comes Home Controller Mini into play. It has all the capabilities that a regular home automation hub offers but it charges only 25% of its price. You can define your own customized smart rules to operate various devices. Home Controller Mini offers very diverse coverage because it is equally good in its functioning no matter where it is employed i.e. commercial spaces, residencies, or hospitals.

Home Controller Mini by Hogar Smart Series

Use Case of The Pebble:

As we know that The Pebble is a device which is capable of activating multiple scenes, however, the following are the specific applications of this device:

  • It can control the temperature of your smart home for you.
  • It can turn the lights on or off.
  • It can control the curtains and shades.
  • It lets you define automated scenes.
  • It provides entertainment controls for controlling your televisions, radios, etc.
  • It offers home security tools.
  • Last but not least, it also provides you with digital locks.
The Pebble by Hogar Smart Series

Hogar Smart Home Automation Application:

Now when we are well aware of the features of different smart home controllers by Hogar, many of us must be interested in knowing about a way out for interacting with these products. Hogar even offers us the solution to this problem in the form of the Hogar Smart Home Automation Application. This app provides you with the best interface between you and your smart home which enhances comfort, control, and safety to the fullest. This application has a very Intuitive Interface that makes it extremely easy for the users to learn it and use it.

Hogar Smart Home Automation Application

It is quite Easy to Navigate i.e. you can move from one screen to another without any hassle. The most fascinating thing about this application is that it can even Monitor your Home Security. It means that if you have this application installed on your mobile phone, then you do not have to worry about the safety of your home because this application will take good care of it. Moreover, this application also offers Multi-User Control. It means that multiple users or more than one member of your home can control their smart home devices by making use of this application.

The main benefits of using Hogar Smart Home Automation Application are stated below:

  • It provides comfort, control, and safety.
  • It saves money and energy.
  • It provides you with quick control from anywhere.
  • It also offers cloud upgrading.

If you are a smart home user or want to become one, then after reading this article, you must give a try to Hogar Smart Series.


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