Hitman 3’s New Permanent Event Is Now Live – Check Out Everything You Need To Know About The Dartmoor Garden Show Here

IO Interactive continues its support for the last game in the World of Assassination series, this time bringing players a brand-new permanent event for free.

As previously iterated and briefly touched upon in their last Hitman 3 seasonal update, IO Interactive now comes with new news for the game that focuses more on brand-new content that will be made available for all of the game’s players. The Dartmoor Garden Show is now officially here, bringing with it new challenges, exciting rewards and a brand-new way to enjoy the assassination title by bringing an exciting twist to one of its most famous game modes.

What is the Dartmoor Garden Show?

Released today, the Dartmoor Garden show is the latest brand-new event for Hitman 3, which was released earlier this year. This new event is permanent and will be made available for free for all the base game owners; however, those who are enjoying the game through the Free Starter Pack will only be able to access the mode until August 17. Check out the trailer for the Dartmoor Garden Show below.

This brand-new special event will let players experience the Dartmoor location all over again with a unique twist. Four distinct gardens have been installed in the mansion grounds, all of them showcasing the best when it comes to horticulture around the world. Each of these four gardens is being maintained by world-class gardeners, who will plan to present the best of their work to three judges. Discerning eyes will know that these judges have been seen before – they are familiar characters from the opening of the Burj Al-Ghazali location in Dubai.

On the player’s first playthrough, the Dartmoor Garden Show will be playing out as a three-stage Escalation mission. A client and an accomplice will be randomly assigned, which means that the winner of the ensuing Garden Show – based on who is left alive to claim the prize – will be different each and every time. Completing all three stages once the first time will unlock the Summer Sightseeing Suit, a classy and chic outfit for Agent 47.

Besides the new outfit, the Deterministic Mode will also be activated once players reset the Escalation back to Stage 1, as well as choosing a newly-unlocked Starting Location. This new mode for the Dartmoor Garden Show removes the randomized element, allowing players to play the role of god and decide who gets to live and claim the grand prize of the Garden Show.

A Contracts Mode is also fully enabled for the Dartmoor Garden Show at the very start, allowing players to create their own contracts on any of the NPCs enjoying the event.

More to enjoy this Season of Lust

Besides this permanent event, a ton of new content has been made available for those who purchased the Season of Lust pack. This includes a brand-new Berlin one-contract stage with amazing cosmetic and weapons rewards, as well as brand-new elusive targets, location rotations and a new batch of Featured Contracts set to arrive this August 12.

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Hitman 3’s New Permanent Event Is Now Live – Check Out Everything You Need To Know About The Dartmoor Garden Show Here

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