Hitman 3 to Release on Switch Alongside Other Versions on the 20th of January

It will run via Cloud Gaming

Hitman 3 is the third installment in the Hitman series developed by IO Interactive. It will be IO Interactive’s first self-publish game. A few days ago we talked about the improvements in the Glacier engine that allowed the developers to add up to 300 NPCs on-screen all performing individually. The role of NPCs is very important in the Hitman games since many of the game mechanics are directly or in-directly related to the NPCs, more on it here.

The game is scheduled to release on 20th January across the range of current and previous-gen consoles and PC. The status of the Switch version is very interesting. Initially, the game was not coming to the Switch but Nintendo’s Direct Mini Partner Showcase revealed the new cloud gaming capabilities of the Switch. The Direct also revealed that Hitman 3 will be coming to the Switch via Cloud Gaming support. Now, IOI has officially announced that the Switch version will release alongside the other versions on the 20th as well.

Cloud support can help graphically intensive third-party games to run on Switch’s limited hardware. Initially, only Control: Ultimate Edition was available to play via cloud gaming. Now, Hitman will also be joining the scarce but growing list. The only downside of this approach is the requirement for a strong and persistent internet connection. Users will require a strong Internet connection to experience the game as intended by the developers.

Nintendo allowed its customers to test Control on their Switch before purchasing the game during its release back in October so that users can make an informed decision. It is not clear if the same will be allowed again. Nevertheless, the addition of cloud gaming support is a welcome feature that will help grow the library of third-party games on the Switch.

Mohsin Naeem
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