Latest Firefox Update Reportedly Causes PCs To Crash

Firefox is one of the popular browsers that provides fast and stable performance to desktop users, still, there are some annoying issues as well. There are certain situations when the browser is said to eat up too much RAM.

It seems like the high memory usage issue is back with the latest Firefox update. Many Firefox users took to Reddit to complain that the browser has become quite a memory hog. According to the reports, Redditors indicated that Firefox now consumes more memory than Google Chrome.

The OP shared a screenshot and described the issue in the following manner:

This is v75.0 with the 0 tabs, extensions disabled. OTOH Chrome with all the extensions intact and even an opened tab. With extensions enabled it goes on to consume 500MB while Chrome with the same tabs opened stays at 300-350.

Firefox update High Memory usage
Source: Reddit

Hundreds Of Firefox Users Confirmed The Problem

Following the report, hundreds of Firefox users confirmed the problem in the comments section. “You are not the only one affected by this. I’ve even started to face sluggish behaviour with 2 or 3 tabs where Chrome keeps the sanity. I have a PC with 4GB RAM and the impact is visible. Multiple users including myself reported this issue. Currently waiting for devs to address the issue,” one user wrote.

“I’ve been having the same issue I thought I was going insane, I thought my browser was infected with malware or something. As long as I’ve been using Firefox it’s never hogged this much memory before. I hope the devs fix this in the next update because this is very annoying,” another user added.

If you are affected by a similar issue, unfortunately, there is not much you can do at the moment. The linked thread explains the process to send feedback on memory-related issues. If this is something that is currently affecting a large number of users, Mozilla needs to look into the matter as soon as possible.

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