High Demand of Valve Index VR Headset Means Shipments Delayed Till One Month Before Half-Life: Alyx Release

Following the announcement of Half-Life: Alyx, demand for the Valve Index virtual reality kit skyrocketed. After an initial surge in demand pushing shipments past the holidays, it seems there will be yet another delay. As orders for the device continue to rack up, users won’t get their hands on their Index until February 2020.

Valve Index VR
Valve Index VR – via UploadVR

Valve Index VR

The upcoming VR exclusive title Half-Life: Alyx is expected to release in March 2020, and those who ordered a Valve Index on back-order might not receive it until February 2020.

As reported by UploadVR, the Steam page for the Valve Index virtual reality kit notes that due to “recent high demand, this item will ship in February 2020.” Most notably, this estimated ship window is only a month before Half-Life: Alyx’s expected release date.

Although the game supports most types of VR devices, UploadVR confirmed with Valve that only the Index will allow for the fullest gameplay experience. Certain animations such as “picking up, holding, dropping, throwing, and manipulating” objects are better experienced in Valve’s own VR kit. This is due to the headset being developer “in concert” with Half-Life: Alyx. Due to this, so many orders were placed that the studio put the item on back-order.

The highly sought-after $1000 virtual reality kit includes a VR headset, controllers, two base stations and a copy of Half-Life: Alyx. This, combined with the fact that Index itself is great VR experience on its own, has rapidly increased the number of orders over the past few weeks.

If the trend follows and orders keep flowing in, some users might not receive their devices until after Half-Life: Alyx launches.

This is the second time in one month that Valve is struggling to tend to the high influx of orders. A few weeks ago, Valve discontinued the Steam Controller and was selling off stock for $5 each. However, the developer greatly miscalculated and was forced to cancel orders due to stock issues. Let’s hope that Valve doesn’t run into similar issues with the Index.

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High Demand of Valve Index VR Headset Means Shipments Delayed Till One Month Before Half-Life: Alyx Release

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