Hideo Kojima Wants to Leave Earth to Develop a Game that You Can Play in Space

Update: Twitter user Gene Schaffmeir who claims to be present at the premiere suggests that Hideo Kojima expressed this sentiment as a joke.

The original story is as follows: Hideo Kojima, known for his distinctive storytelling and directorial style, has once again captured attention with his recent remarks about his future ambitions. During the premiere of the documentary “Connecting Worlds,” the veteran game director was asked about his aspirations by Geoff Keighley.  According to Stephen Totilo, Kojima’s response was; 

I want to go to outer space. I want to go to outer space and create a game you can play in space… So please, someone, send me up to space.”

This statement comes as no surprise given Kojima’s track record and his pursuit of innovation in his games. Currently, Kojima is working on multiple projects (but still this one is a bit too far-fetched). At The Game Awards 2022, it was revealed that Kojima Productions, led by Hideo Kojima himself, is working on the highly anticipated sequel, Death Stranding 2

Additionally, a cinematic adaptation of Death Stranding, in collaboration with Hammerstone Studios, was also announced last year. Despite the announcement, details regarding the Death Stranding movie remain scarce.

Besides that, one prominent rumor/report suggests that Kojima Productions’ next original IP could be a horror game named Overdose. Later, leaked gameplay footage allegedly to be “Overdose” has further fueled these rumors, although official confirmation is still lacking. 

However, last year Kojima himself hinted at an entirely new game in the works at the studio, separate from Death Stranding 2. He expressed his intention to reveal more about this mysterious project in the coming year (2023). In a video message, he stated:

In addition to DS2, we are also preparing a completely new game as well as some visual projects. I am hoping to bring you more information on all of those next year.”

Another significant project Hideo Kojima is involved in is a cloud-based game with Xbox. This collaboration was announced during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase in 2022. Kojima expressed his excitement about this opportunity, emphasizing that it is the game he has always wanted to create:

There is a game I have always wanted to make. It’s a completely new game, one that no one has ever experienced or seen before. I’ve waited very long for the day when I could finally start to create it. 

With Microsoft’s cutting-edge cloud technology and the changing trends in the industry, it has now become possible for me to challenge myself with this never-before-seen concept. While it may take some time, I look forward to joining forces with Xbox Game Studios and sharing exciting news in the future.”

So it seems that this new “space game” or “a game that you can play in space?” is yet another ambitious project on the list of upcoming games by Hideo Kojima. What do you think about this news? Let’s discuss it in the comments section below.


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