Hideo Kojima Talks About the Success and Future of Death Stranding in a Recent Interview

Renowned game director Hideo Kojima recently sat down with singer-songwriter Nocchi to discuss the success and vision behind the critically acclaimed game Death Stranding and some new details about the upcoming sequel; Death Stranding 2.

Kojima revealed that the initial idea for Death Stranding revolved around the theme of “connecting.” As he brainstormed character settings and game concepts, the concept of “connecting” emerged as a central theme. This theme of human connection, intertwined with universal themes like “life and death,” drove the narrative of the game.

It is a known fact now that Hideo Kojima is heavily inspired by cinema. So, Nocchi expressed how Death Stranding seamlessly blended gameplay and cinematic elements, giving players a unique experience of both playing a game and watching a movie.

In response, Kojima acknowledged that while he draws inspiration from movies, his approach to game development focuses on creating interactive media that sets itself apart from traditional film.

How Pandamic Affected Death Stranding 2?

Looking forward to the sequel, Death Stranding 2 Kojima teased that the story was conceived before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the global crisis led him to reevaluate the concept of “connection” and its relevance in a world divided by isolation.

As a result, the meaning of “strand” in Death Stranding 2 has evolved, exploring the significance of genuine connections amid a digitally connected yet physically distant society.

The interview also touched upon the potential movie adaptation of Death Stranding. Kojima revealed his ambition to create a film that diverges from the game’s narrative while retaining its essence. He acknowledged the challenge of condensing the game’s interactive experience into a two-hour movie but assured fans that he plans to surprise them with a unique and distinctive cinematic interpretation.

Kojima Being Kojima

Beyond Death Stranding, Kojima revealed his long-standing desire to become an astronaut. He admires the idea of pushing boundaries, much like astronauts who venture into uncharted territories, and dreams of exploring Mars as the next frontier.

While Kojima is known to joke around, he once jokingly said that he wants to leave Earth to create a game that can be played in space. Nevertheless, it remains a fact that Hideo Kojima is an ambitious game creator who has always pushed the boundaries with every title. 

This is the reason why fans are eagerly anticipating Death Stranding 2. Only time will tell what Kojima has in store for the fans in Death Stranding 2. Currently, this is all the information we have about the upcoming sequel, but we will keep you updated as we receive more information. Feel free to share your thoughts about this news in the comments section below.


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