Hiber3D: Upgraded for 3D World Creation Powered by Generative AI

Swedish tech company, Hiber has announced a significant upgrade to its 3D world creation tools at the recent Google Cloud Next event in San Francisco. This was achieved by a collaboration between Hiber, Datatonic, and Google Cloud.

The highlight of the upgrade is the integration of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Hiber3D, enabling creators to use natural language prompts for the development of 3D worlds.

It’s a substantial milestone for our company.  We’ve always aimed to make the creation of 3D worlds and gaming experiences as accessible and enjoyable as possible for a wide audience.”

Michael Yngfors, Hiber’s CEO

The upgraded tools are fully supported by the Hiber3D engine, which can be accessed on various devices through a web browser. As mentioned before, the thing that makes this integration noteworthy is its utilization of Google Cloud services and new AI algorithms, effectively reducing the computational costs associated with generative AI.

Hiber leveraged its extensive collection of 3D world creation data, collaborating with Datatonic and Google Cloud to develop a unique solution that enables users to generate 3D worlds using natural language prompts.

Our hypothesis was that by incorporating natural language, users could express their creative visions more effectively. The possibilities are endless.”


As with any generative AI model, with the upgraded Hiber3D, users can gradually enhance their worlds by issuing natural language commands, such as adding structures, moats, or fields. However, the interesting feature of Hiber3D is that there are no caps or limitations.

Image: Hiber

We’re not imposing any caps or limits. Our goal is for users to work with us in shaping the quality and features. User satisfaction guides our path.”

Sean Kauppinen, CSMO, Hiber

Kauppinen revealed that partnering with Google helps manage costs and that Hiber is actively exploring a sustainable business model.

Hiber’s roadmap includes a “co-pilot” feature, an AI assistant to offer real-time suggestions and enhance user experiences. The company also plans to generate revenue by offering 3D shops where players can purchase Ready Player Me avatars.

A unique aspect of Hiber’s platform is the ability for players to incorporate portals within their worlds, allowing seamless travel between interconnected 3D worlds (Something like you experience in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart)

It’s a vast network of linked 3D worlds.”


It is fascinating to see the exponential growth of generative AI in every field of art. While Artificial Intelligence is nothing but what the world has been experiencing and exploring in the field of generative AI for the last few years, it is completely different and revolutionary. 

From music, art, writing to gaming, it has infiltrated every industry, which is both good and bad. However, It’s a topic for another day.

What are your thoughts about the upgraded Hiber3D? Does it excite you that you can now create endless worlds with endless possibilities just by typing a prompt in natural language? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: GamesBeat


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