Here Are Multiple Pictures of PlayStation 5 and DualSense in 8K Resolution

Closer Look at Sony's Next-Gen Console

The PlayStation 5 is now close to its release date and likewise, a lot of magazines and reviewers have gotten early access units. Among these magazines is 4gamer, who have now published an In-depth Article on PS5 and Its controller DualSense.

Although, we had seen a lot of PS5 Footages In numerous events. We never actually got the opportunity to see it from a close angle. The DualSense has had its leaks lately. Last time, we had seen its photos from inside, and also saw some interesting photos of its textures and buttons. These pictures are significantly better and have given us an insight from various angles.

This is the PS5 standing vertically on its curved stand. From the looks, you will notice its the $499.99 Disc Version. The blog notes that the design is built in such a way, that you are unable to see its hardware from vents. In addition, it also says that the Console was really silent and no hot air came out of the exhaust while testing Godfall.

PS5 Standing Vertically

This picture shows the PS5 being laid in a horizontal position. 4Gamer notes that at first glance, you think of the console as vertical only. But then, when you lay it off, the looks completely change and the curve stand repositions itself to a newer look.

PS5 being laid horizontally

Unlike many other details which we had seen before, one of the most important details 4gamer highlights is these metal parts. 4Gamer has no idea what is the purpose of these metal screws. I figure these may be screws to replace or add new SSD. In contrast to Microsoft, who fully explained the Series X Expansion Slot. Sony has yet to reveal how the PS5 SSD will be upgraded.

Mysterious Part In PS5 Exhaust

4Gamer has also highlighted a few aspects of the controller, including adaptive trigger, haptic feedback, and functionality of various buttons.


The DualSense controller looks great, but none of the pictures highlight this pattern that we had seen in a recent leak.


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