Helios P80 And P90 In The Pipeline MediaTek Skips The P70

From making processors for non branded Chinese phones to making processors for many multinational Smartphone manufacturers, MediaTek has seen quite a rise in the past few years.

They were known for making low end chips for budget devices, but with the introduction of their Helios series, that perception has changed. The Helios P10 was quite popular, due to its good multi-core performance and low price. Although MediaTek is nowhere near the performance of Snapdragon’s best, but they do shine when it comes to value and price.

According to a recent leak again from Roland Quandt from Winfuture, MediaTek will be skipping the Helios P70 and will release the P80 and P90 soon. But that is common practice for MediaTek as they never named the Helios brand consecutively. Also the naming is pretty confusing as there doesn’t seem to be any logic in the naming system. Here’s the list of MediaTek processors release wise (first to last) P10, P15, P20, P30, P23, P60, P18, P80 and P90.

The Helios P23 and P30 were MediaTeks midrangers last year. But this year it’s the new P22. The Helios P22 is based on the 12nm design similar to the company’s current flagship in the Helios series the P60. Both of these chips will evidently compete with the Snapdragon 600 series in general. So with the launch of the P80 and P90 MediaTek might be looking to compete with the new Snapdragon 710 and the Snapdragon 670 or maybe the Snapdragon 845, but that’s highly unlikely.

The release dates for the P80 and P90 aren’t known yet. But it seems from the leak that Oppo will be the first to use them in their phones. The MediaTek P60 didn’t do that well and was only used by a couple of smartphones, hopefully MediaTek will have success with their next launch.

Indranil Chowdhury
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