High-End VR Headset ‘Quest Pro’ Leaked One Month Before Official Announcement

Blame it on that one forgetful guy

We have known for a while, that Meta (formerly Facebook) has been planning a high-end VR headset. Just recently Mark Zuckerberg, announced the reveal date of the headset, and that too on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He then stated, “For the next device that’s coming out in October, there’s a few big features “.

 Fortunately for the fans, and unfortunately for Facebook, the Quest Pro has been revealed almost a month before its official release date. The unboxing was originally posted on Facebook by Ramiro Cardenas.

Now, how does get their hands on a very secret engineer sample of a high-end VR headset by one of the biggest social media companies on Earth? Well, only if you are lucky enough to find one abandoned in a hotel room by a forgetful employee. And that’s what Cardenas claimed happened. Moreover, Cardena was able to reunite the VR headset to its rightful owner, but not before he filmed an entire unboxing video. 

Coming to the headset itself, there are some major changes, both in headset design and controllers. The Quest Pro looks significantly chunkier than the normal Quest headset. There now seems to be three cameras at the front for precise tracking. There’s also some sort of a semi-circle shaped elevation on the top. As for the controllers, Meta seems to have ditched the hollow cup design, and instead offers something more conventional with a solid body. 

Meta has been had at work on the Quest Pro project, as Mark Zuckerberg has bet the future of his company on VR. According to Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, the company even scaled back other hardware projects to concentrate on the Quest Pro headset. The new VR headset from Meta will bring all sorts of improvements, like high-resolution cameras, higher-resolution display, faster processor, and much more. But obviously, this will come at a price, which according to some rumors might be as high as $1000


Indranil Chowdhury

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