Hardcore Platformer BLACKHOLE ‘The Coffee Cup’ Event Goes Live with a New Free Mode

BLACKHOLE is a hardcore platformer game developed by FiolaSoft Studio. Set inside a black hole, this unique puzzle game offers over 15 hours of a story-driven sci-fi experience. From September 11th to September 18th, the Coffee Cup special event for the game adds a new mode that can be played for free. The developers will also be hosting a commentated gameplay stream of the event on their Twitch channel throughout the week.

Coffee Cup

For the duration of the Coffee Cup event, a special season of the Challenge Vault will be activated. Players participating in this mode will be able to play a new level everyday, while competing with friends for the best high score. To gain access to the free event and the game mode, head over to Steam and download the demo version of BLACKHOLE. After doing so, players can start up the game and jump right into Challenge Vault. Owners of the full version of the game may also participate in Challenge Vault on PC, Mac, or Linux.

After the crew of the Endera spaceship gets sucked into a black hole, they land on ‘Entity’, an unknown planet shaped object. Following the crash, the coffee guy of the crew wakes up and, with the help of the ship’s sarcastic A.I., attempts to fix the spaceship and close the black hole. Players will be able to play in over 120 unique levels, each with its own challenges, spread across 6 vibrant environments. The comedic story aspect of BLACKHOLE, combined with the beautiful soundtrack, offers an entertaining and challenging gameplay experience.


The Challenge Vault Tournament is open to everyone and features 6 playable levels. Challenging and difficult puzzles must be solved by alternating between four different directions of gravity. BLACKHOLE can be tricky and infuriating at times, but is very satisfying once you solve even one of its many logical puzzles.

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Hardcore Platformer BLACKHOLE ‘The Coffee Cup’ Event Goes Live with a New Free Mode

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