Hardcore Action RPG Postworld Launches on Steam on August 31st

Postworld is a hardcore action role playing game developed and published by Screwdriver Entertainment. The Russian based studio was founded last year and are releasing their first game at the end of this month. After spending a month in the beta phase, Postworld is all set for release on Steam on August 31st.

As you can tell from the name, Postworld is set in a post apocalyptic scenario, not dissimilar to games from the Fallout and STALKER series. The idea for the game originated back in 2015 but development did not commence until early 2017. The young indie studio behind Postworld worked to ensure a full release in just over one year since the start of development.


The story of Postworld is as follows: You managed to escape from secret labs of ominous transnational corporation (TNC) where you were one of many subjects to inhumane experiments. Now you roam the wasteland hoping to survive and take revenge. You can join 1 of 3 factions (Cultists, Railwaymen, Slavers) and take over the wasteland.

One of the key features of Postworld which sets it apart from other RPGs is the ability to use combat prostheses in the middle of the action. An unusual and odd concept in theory; players can swap out their “weak flesh” for stronger replacements to give them the edge in combat. Postworld features a huge list of weapons and attachments as well as a limb based damage system. The realism factor is only enhanced by the huge global map consisting of unique wastelands and locations. For the story, the game contains a fully fledged quest system which allows players to join factions such as the Cultists, Slavers or Railwaymen. Whichever faction you side with will determine the ending you will get. As a result, the replay value is increased as players will have to play the game multiple times to encounter all possible outcomes.

Postworld is available on PC via Steam starting August 31st.

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Hardcore Action RPG Postworld Launches on Steam on August 31st

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