Hand of Fate 2 ‘Combat Reforged’ Update Makes Major Changes to Combat

Hand of Fate 2 by Defiant Development is a mix between a card game and an action role-playing game. Launched last year in November, the game has been regularly updated, with a downloadable content pack called Outlands and Outsiders added in June. Recently, the game received the Combat Reforged update 1.6.0 which focuses on making improvements to the lackluster combat system.

Combat Reforged

Spotted by PCGamer, the latest update, titled Combat Reforged, makes changes to nearly all aspects of combat, ranging from general combat to rebalancing of equipment and blessings. The update also adds the new “Apprentice Mode” which can be enabled in the settings menu. When turned on, Finishers and Riposte moves will be performed automatically upon a successful attack or block. Moreover, weapons deal increased damage and the charge meter does not reset when outside of combat.

New Bash types are available and all armors now have Bash abilities. Stun bash, stun blast, knockdown blast, confuse blast, bleed bash, and freeze bash all cause different effects. The responsiveness of bash has been improved and a charge system has been adopted for the abilities. Artifacts have also been changed and no longer lose their charge. Instead, they have a pre-defined number of uses per combat and can be used some time after the combat begins.

In terms of balance changes, equipment and blessings were worked on. In general, Faction Riposte and Bane bonuses deal more damage, while a bunch of other weapons and armors saw specific changes. All changes can be read in detail in the official patch notes. Enemies and companions were also reblanced, and Goblin Clips are no longer part of the Endless Adventure mode.

The Combat Reforged update 1.6.0 for Hand of Fate 2 is now live. Developers estimate that the update will arrive on the console version of the game in a “couple of weeks.

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