Halo Reportedly Shifting to Unreal Engine 5

Halo Infinite has been in hot waters since its release in December 2021. Despite the delay from its original release date, the game lacked many features like Campaign Co-op and The Forge at the time of its release.

343 Industries, the studio behind Halo Infinite, has promised the fans to support the game for ten years. However, they have failed to keep up with that promise, and the fans are not happy with the lack of post-launch updates.

The recent rumors suggest that the Halo franchise might shift to Unreal Engine 5 from the original Slipspace Engine. According to his sources, journalist Jeremy Peter tweeted on Sunday about the possible change.

Slipspace was also rumored to be a problematic engine to work with, which could be why there were less frequent post-launch updates and a lack of features at the time of Halo Infinite’s release.

Last month, Bonnie Ross, the head of 343i, left the company along with David Berger, the lead engineer behind Slipspace. The departure of the significant personnel of the company is evident of the changes that were happening behind the scenes.

The rumor about 343i ditching Slipspace is not easy to believe, as the long-awaited feature ‘The Forge’ is finally coming to the game this season and is built on Slipspace.

halo infinite
In-game screenshot of Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Mode | Xbox

The interesting thing to notice here is that Halo’s rumored ‘battle-royale’ game, codenamed Tatanka, has been in development for a long time, and is reportedly going to incorporate Halo Infinite’s ‘The Forge’ mode.

This is impossible if 343i has decided to change the engine, as it will be challenging to port Halo Infinite entirely to a new engine to incorporate it with future Halo entries.

Nothing is confirmed yet, and it is not revealed either that 343i is planning to completely dump Halo Infinite to make a fresh start with a new engine. So take these rumors with a grain of salt until further confirmation.

We will keep you updated about the situation. If true, let us know your thoughts about this decision by 343i. Will it be a good step to start something new, or could this lead to the Halo franchise losing its charm?

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