Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Feature a New Progression System, Overhauled UI

Yesterday, 343 revealed that the public beta of Halo: Reach on PC has been delayed. Although they didn’t share an expected time frame, the latest developer update has revealed some interesting tidbits about Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC. Most importantly, the developers are fine-tuning mouse and keyboard input, and there will also be a new progression system inspired by Reach.

Optimized Input System

In a recent blog post, Splash Damage’s George Wright shared a behind the scenes look at Halo’s development. First and foremost, the developers are focusing on perfecting the input system for PC. Features such as fully-remappable controls, minimal input latency, and broad device support will be part of the games.

We’re also focused on adding some advanced input functionality and are currently testing out the ability to create custom mouse acceleration curves. This will allow very detailed tuning possibilities for mouse movement that many should be excited about.”

UI Overhaul

Next up, a major overhaul of the entire MCC user interface is in the works. Here’s a preview of what that will look like:

MCC Menu
MCC Menu

“The interface has been improved so that it works well with both mouse and gamepad. We’re also looking at restructuring the menus so that it supports the new features we’re adding to MCC.”

The new and improved PC native UI will add quality of life features such as text chat, FOV sliders, robust graphical settings, and more. At the same time, GSync/FreeSync support, high refresh rate support, and different resolution support is being worked on.

Progression System

For the new progression system, 343 is turning to Halo: Reach for inspiration. “Think levelling, seasons, and unlocks.” Expect to hear more about this modernized progression system in the future.

As the Halo games were built using older development techniques, porting them to PC requires a lot of work. Wright says that the eight games take up over 7 terabytes of data” and are built using multiple game engines.

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