Halo’s Master Chief is Reportedly Coming to Rainbow Six Siege

According to Klobrille, an Xbox journalist on Twitter (X?), Master Chief from Halo is rumored to be joining Rainbow Six Siege. It should be noted that this is not official news, but rather a rumor initiated by Klobrille. The user also shared in-game footage of Master Chief in Rainbow Six Siege as an Elite skin for Sledge

Rainbow Six has collaborated with various popular game and entertainment franchises, with Resident Evil, Rick and Morty, NeiR, and Yakuza being some notable ones, among others. It appears that Halo might be the latest gaming franchise that Rainbow Six Siege is gearing up to collaborate with.

This is great news (if true) for fans who enjoy both Halo and Rainbow Six Siege. However, since the collaboration has not been confirmed by any official sources from Microsoft or Ubisoft, it would be best to take this news with a grain of salt until further confirmation.

Master Chief Looks Cool in Every Game

Master Chief, also known as John-117, is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the popular video game series Halo, developed by Bungie and later managed by 343 Industries. He is a super-soldier and the last surviving member of the SPARTAN-II program. Master Chief is known for his green Mjolnir-powered armor and is often accompanied by the AI construct Cortana (Yes, the same one on Windows OS that Microsoft is sadly killing now).

Master Chief | Microsoft

He is a skilled warrior and leader, recognized for his stoic demeanor and dedication to protecting humanity from various threats, including the alien Covenant and the parasitic Flood. The Halo series follows Master Chief’s adventures as he battles these adversaries while unraveling deeper mysteries tied to the Halo rings and the Forerunners, an ancient civilization.

Master Chief’s story spans several games, novels, and other media, making him one of the most iconic and recognizable figures in gaming. And it is not the first time Master Chief is traveling to a different game.

That’s all the information we have for now about the reported collaboration between Rainbow Six Siege and Halo. We will update you as soon as more information becomes available regarding this. 

Until then, let us know your thoughts about this. Would you like to play as Master Chief in Rainbow Six Siege? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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