343 Industries: Halo Infinite is a Work-In-Progress, Art Style Influenced from the Original Trilogy

Gameplay Demo does not represent the intended Graphical fidelity

A few days ago, Microsoft hosted its Xbox Games Showcase event, where the company showcased games that the subsidiaries of Xbox Game Studios have been working on these past years. As expected, Microsoft pulled out the big gun first and started with Halo Infinite. It is the next installment in the long-running series, and it is considered to be one of the most important titles for Microsoft.

The grapple hook infested gameplay showed potential, and most viewers appreciated the fact that 343 industries is trying to emulate the art style developed by Bungie, taking the game back to its roots. On the other hand, the high budget first next-gen title from Xbox was not as impressive in the graphics department as Sony’s offerings revealed a few weeks ago. People took to the internet, and all of us witnessed memes on Craig, who was one of the characters showed during the live stream.

Art Style

Halo Infinite Developers from 343 industries have tried to address the concerns raised by the fans and technical experts on Halo Waypoint. Starting with the art style, they confirm that the art style followed in the Halo Infinite takes after Bungie’s original creation rather than following their own art style introduced in Halo 4. It means that they will use a vibrant color palette with detailed images to reduce noise.

Graphical fidelity

The most important concern raised by viewers and experts alike was the graphical fidelity of the game. The open areas in the game looked gorgeous during the live-stream, but some characters looked dull and lifeless (e.g., Craig). The developers reiterated that the game is a work-in-progress. The preview build actually showed progress from several weeks ago, which means they were expecting the criticism and are already working to make it better. Additionally, the feedback has brought new opportunities and considerations to look into while going forward.

Microtransactions and Multiplayer Beta

They have emphasized microtransactions will be a part of the Halo Infinite experience, but these will not include real-money loot boxes. It is still not sure how they are going to implement it, but it will be there, unfortunately. Lastly, the plans for a Halo multiplayer Beta are affected by COVID-19, and it seems they may have to skip it altogether.

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343 Industries: Halo Infinite is a Work-In-Progress, Art Style Influenced from the Original Trilogy

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