Halo Infinite Secret Split-Screen Mode Glitch Discovered!

Halo Infinite has made quite a name for itself in the gaming world. It was launched at about the same time as the first Xbox console was released, and became a roaring success worldwide. With its likable characters, engaging gameplay, and captivating story, it did not take much time for Halo Infinite to become one of the premier first-person shooters of the time.

Halo Infinite’s Co-op Glitch

Then came Halo 2. That is when it became nothing less than a household name among console owners. It instantly propelled to stardom owing to the fact that it leveraged the newly launched Xbox Live services as well as online features of Xbox consoles. According to reviews, the multiplayer component was the most acclaimed feature. But of course, the gameplay was tremendously improved and the story was no less than absolutely brilliant and quite gripping as well.

Because of Halo 2, the popularity of online console gaming, particularly first-person shooting games, experienced a major boom. But there was this one feature that was the main intriguing factor. And that would be its split-screen cooperative feature. It allowed multiple people to play the campaign at the same time, greatly boosting the enjoyment of the whole ordeal. It’s no surprise that this feature was so well-received that all future Halo entries would have the split-screen cooperative feature. But all good things come to an end even when you don’t want them to. This feature was dropped for Halo 5.

This caused a major backlash from the fans and players. 343 Industries regretted the decision and did not take much time to promise that this would never happen again. Things would probably have gotten out of hand if Halo Infinite, the latest title in the series, did not get updated to a version without the split screen feature. So on Thursday, 343 Industries released a sort of trailer video to give news on the current status of Halo Infinite and future plans.

In the video, the game’s Creative Lead, Joseph Staten can be heard saying:

“We’ve had to make the difficult decision to not ship campaign split-screen co-op and take the resources that we would use on [split-screen co-op] and go after this list and all of these other things.”

By the “list”, Joseph Staten is referring to the roadmap for Halo Infinite’s Winter Update and Season 3.

This was a major bummer for players who had been waiting intently to play the game in the split-screen cooperative feature with their friends and buddies as they did back in the good days. But it seems like luck did not leave their side as a glitch seems to have been discovered that allows players to enable the feature and play the game. All is not lost!

The next obvious question is how and who discovered this glitch. Well, it was the developer behind HaloDotAPI, his Twitter username being @Zeny_IC.

Just like the tweets say, this glitch functions on the Xbox Series X. for now, it supports a maximum of four players. All cutscenes are on point, and there are no issues with artificial intelligence, enemy placements, and spawning. The video also states that for the glitch to work, a friend must remain idle on the menu page.

The reason for this is that it requires you to join an idle friend’s game and then quit the Fireteam to trigger. As you keep following the instructions, you and your friend will be able to enjoy the split-screen cooperative feature. This also points out the interesting fact that this much-demanded feature was already present in the initial game files but was removed through a future update.

Perhaps 343 Industries had some kinks to straighten out related to this feature. Anyhow, players can now play this with their buddies. On the other hand, there are still some complaints from players regarding matchmaking issues. 343 Industries is yet to resolve this matter.

Halo Infinite is now available for the Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and Windows PC.

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