Halo Infinite Campaign DLCs Scrapped as the Studio Loses a Third of Its Workforce

Many sectors and businesses have been impacted by the current employee layoff crisis. Among these is 343 Industries, which has been working on Halo for as long as anyone can remember. According to recent reports, Microsoft has laid off about 5% (10,000) of its workforce, which includes people from this company too, and as a result, the studio is undergoing a major overhaul, and important decisions are being made to secure the future of the industry.

Now, a new rumor that was started by the author of the Bathrobe Spartan podcast indicates that the campaign DLCs for Halo Infinite have been shelved, and that future experiences will be made outside of 343 Industries because of changes in leadership at the company.

The layoffs at 343 Industries are unfortunately a consequence of poor management of the studio and its workforce by the people in charge. While this could have been avoided, the impact on strategy remains minimal: multiplayer-focused content.

-@BathrobeSpartan [Translated]

The report claims that before Bonnie Ross’ departure from 343 Industries, Joseph Staten was working on many campaigns’ DLC packs for the game. The new studio chief, Pierre Hintze, apparently felt the effort wasn’t profitable or worth the difficulty. Therefore, the decision has been made that the studio’s efforts across Halo Infinite’s seasons will be directed toward expanding the game’s online multiplayer capabilities.

Developing the game’s multiplayer features was originally scheduled for this year, and that work will continue as planned. The Halo Infinite map and season library will grow over time, and new Battle Pass content will be added as well. Similarly, Forge will play a significant role in the 2023 strategy, and this aspect of the plan will not be changed.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, big changes are being implemented under the uncertainty, and the studio has made no comments on any of this. You can count on us to keep you in the loop whenever there is a development worth reporting.


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